Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Life of S and B...

What a drama I would say after watching Gossip Girl....i m not a big of drama and series...although i used to be a one of Latin soap drama and Japanese short series and i just started wtching GG so i m not an expert in criticizing dramas....

I dont get this stuff happened around Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl....its too complicated. Its always about tense love triangle thingy ,twisting relationship.. and a bit of scheming and plotting to top others and some dramatic tention and scene happening around B and S..

A life like that would be tiring with all the constant changes of feelings and emotions... 1st Nate who dated Blair for quite sometime, then broke up and try to pursue Serena,then was rejected, and he started dating Vanessa, then breaks up again n hooked up with Jenny then again with Vanessa. At the same time, Blair fell in love with Chuck (after having sex in Nate's limo), and they didnt get together, then broke up, got together..then Blair gets together with NAte again..Serena would date Dan then broke up then couple with another guy named Aeron then breaks n gets back with Dan then break up......continuous 'get to gether and break up' scene.......want to know the detail, do watch GG....

With all the breaking and get together thing is exciting but emotional tiring...this kind of dramatic life is just crazy. .....if that are to compare to mine, B and S's are too bizarre...i mean my life is just simple...study,uni and homework and those are the things i concerned most.. (not fogetting family and friends...they are always the top of my passion). Not that i m in love or i m in dire personal crisis...but it doeant means that my life is a plian broing one...maybe sometimes..huhu

But Serena and Blair..Their's are just different,too complex....

Its just a drama but yet, i m sure in reality there are those who share the resemblance as S and B's. I would be neither be amazed nor envied but yet i pity them sometimes..its involve too much feelings of enjoyment,love and despair entwine together at the same time.

But at the end of the day I would say to myself...'Its just a fictional drama,so dont get over excited'...

Sunday, 13 December 2009


hahaha...it has been a long,long time since i last posted(the same sentence i used when ever i start writting after my leave form blogging) its so like my signiture...haha..em..

Its kinda weird though....i mean the couple of hours ago i was having the mixture feeling of excitement, emotional and feeling of unsecure.. after watching GOSSIP GIRL. I just get excited and elated after indulging in the scandalous life of the Manhatten elite..haha...cant explain why but i just did

Then after watching an episode, all of the sudden my lappy Miss Toshiba, gonne insane..huhu....lagging as if she is already 60!!! Again i was thrown into the world of frustration like always in 80 minutes ago.... who dont..while u r enjoying chatting n surfing the net,then without any plausible reason, ur lappy go gaga!!! huh..

Thank God i was optimistic and i was comforting myself saying 'Phong the lappy is just teaching u how to be a patient man...plus u r 20 n save the drama.. u should act like a grown up man...just be patience..'. From agitated i became calmed...

So, i returned to my study table to start my 2000 kanji Japanes report on Hybrid Car...Unfortunately, i was unable to concentrate, cant think of anything but i started fantasizing (the word is too strong i think) n was in deep though about someone i wish to be with which is not worth telling.(nothing vulgar or dirty k..) Just missing someone....n i was in a deep longing for that someone... so i end up sitting infornt of my lappy again, hoping that someone might be able to fill in the void of my feeling....huh sad n loneliness always dwell in me live about 30 minutes earlier...huhu

N then, out of the blue, my best friend from my highschool buzz me on YM. He is doing medic in Manipal,India- n they r damn buzy, forever engaging in their studies.....the last time i every contacted him was early this year n some 'hey' n 'hai dude' in facebook,that all... then he asked for my Japan phone number n n i just type it on YM...soon i got a call.. its him!! At this moment i was overwhelmed...but the 1st thing i said after hello was 'oit mahal2 dowh, just chat on YM'..hahaha...

Thrilled to get to chat with someone today,what more with a lost best friend ....during this moment which is bout 20 minutes ago, i was damn excited, thrilled n yearning to be back with my geng..

So cant u see that, my feeling fluctuate irregularly... it keep on changing even in a second...in a minute u r happy n in another minute u r grumpy,sad, and n start to miss someone...then again it just gets excited and it goes in a circle.. luckly its not anyhing like broken heart,depression or misery which might lead to sucide...

This feeling is all the work of our powerful mind...actually i m not good n i cant go detail into this topic.. the mechanism of human mind..but what i can share is that...we are the authority of our own mind thus we can control our own feelings ....so dont ever let ur feeling overpower you,uncontrolled feeling is be hazardous.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summer Holidays....Travel

I should have post this a month ago. Anyway, i was busy engaging with stuff..(not!). The fact is that is that i was too lazy to compose and post anything. HUH!

Anyway, during my last Summer Holidays from early August to 24th September, I have been to 4 countries in just a month! Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea. It was a greatest record for me so far n i wish to break it, travelling more in a year...Traveling is so in my blood. I think i got it from my parents as they too love travel,especially like those backpackers ones.. Traveling is so much FUN!

On 4th August I went home flew to Malaysia,back to mysweet hometown in Taiping. In Malaysia, i was traveling all over, to Penang, Kuala Lumper and back to my parents hometown in Kedah. I barely stay put in Taiping for more then a week. My trip was endorsed by my Mum. she was the one who suggested me to go traveling rather than do nothing at home.

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang ,Malaysia.

KLIA,hanging around with Mum and Dad before departure back To Japan.

Besides that, during the last week of my holidays in Malaysia, my parents brought me to The Jawa island of Indonesia. We went to Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.(i will post smtg about this later). Then after a few days returning to Japan, I embarked on a new journey to South Korea. It was an extaroardinary trip, luck was showering us during this trip.(it will be explained later)

Jakarta. Trip with my parents..

Seoul N Tower....Seoul, South Korea.

So that all,a brief about my summer holidays and the traveling i engaged in...

Powerful Typhoon this way comes!!

Have u guys heard the Choir during the welcome party when harry was in the 3rd(?)year in Harry Potter the movie? it goes like this, 'Something wicked this way comes'.. anyway, today, its holiday..class is canceled, and its HURRAY!!! ..and it was TYPHOON hitting Tokyo as well...and her name is Melor..

But this morning I did went to school despite the feeling of taking the day off. It was around 9pm when i woke up,i was late for class as it starts at 8.50am, i was shocking to see that my sliding door was vibrating greatly and my stuff in the balcony was scattered all over the place.. the wind was too great,n strong too .

I was so near to come to a decision to skipping class(only for this particular bad day k) . But today i m having 4 period of classes and all of them r important ones...gosh..so i had no other excuse but to attend class...so i cycled to the uni..I was cycling in the strong wind and in the forever falling rain.(it has been raining 3days in a row now.) and it was cold as well...seriously i wish i just could apparate in and out like those in Harry Potter's world..

Rain was falling heavily ,the wind was still strong(cant tell the readings) , i m sure the typhoon was at its peak..Typhoon Melor , carrying gusts of up to 198 km per hour , was about 200 km west of Tokyo at 7 am. The typhoon was moving northeast towards Honshu (the main island of Japan).

I was 20 minutes late when i reached the parking lot. I rush up, climbing the stairs as quickly as i could and as i was entering the building i just realized that my cap and my windbreaker was drench in water. I was too worry about getting late to class then getting wet . Upon opening the door i was nervous, upon thinking that all eyes might be set on me.It would be embarrassing since that i m still new in that particular math class. However.... as i was opening the door..it was quiet...THERE WAS ONLY A FEW IN CLASS!!

It seem that class for the 1st and 2nd period was canceled. So i had to wait. Around 11am the heavy rain stopped but its still drizzling and the wind was still strong. From the window of my class, i could see that some pedestrian was having problem with sticking out their umbrellas in this condition.few minutes later , the sky was shinning brightly even though my friend was saying that the typhoon is still hitting the area. It was weird though. The image in my mind was like- during typhoon it would be raining heavily and there would be heavy rain fall n so on...but what really happened was totally different, the sky was clear, with patches of cloud in the sky, a perfect whether for picnic.

Then,in class, a girl who was on the phone announce that the class for today is cancelled due to the typhoon.It was 'Hurray!' for a second but i was puzzled as well.

What the heck???????????????????????????????????????????? The whether was fine but yet its holiday??? i don't get it. My friend, Kuribayashi san went to the office, reconfirm with the the office and it was proved true. it was holiday all right..I wasn't upset or anything but I was just shocked..how come its holiday during some nice whether. But he said taht the typhoon might come again??

Now its 3pm already and the whether was beautiful. Even my housemate did his 3 days laundry and got them dried up.So now i just need to wait and see..while enjoying the 1 day holiday..hehe

this is an article i got from the net about this Melor Typhoon..

TOKYO (Reuters) – A strong typhoon barreled into Japan's main island on Thursday, disrupting transport and prompting warnings of landslides and floods, although there were no reports of serious damage.

Typhoon Melor, carrying gusts of up to 198 km per hour (123 miles per hour), was about 200 km (124 miles) west of Tokyo at 7 a.m. (2200 GMT) and was headed north-northeast at 50 kph (30 mph), the Meteorological Agency said.

Toyota Motor Corp said it planned to suspend production at all of its factories in central Japan on Thursday because of the storm, but that it would make up for lost output in the near term.

A total of 315 flights had been canceled and more were likely to be affected, while some high speed "bullet" trains had been halted in western Japan and several expressways were closed, public broadcaster NHK said. Thousands of people evacuated their homes, the broadcaster said.

One man was killed when his motorbike hit a fallen tree, Kyodo news agency said, and NHK said about 18 people had been reported injured. Television news also showed houses damaged by landslides on the southern islands of Okinawa and Kyushu.

"All night we had a lot of wind and huge downpours, and some flooding was reported in some houses yesterday," said Vishal Jani, a city official in Matsuzaka, Mie prefecture, south of the storm's center. "We were getting reports of houses shaking and shingles falling off."

But he said there were no reports of serious damage and that the skies had now cleared.

(Reporting by Yoko Nishikawa, Linda Sieg and Isabel Reynolds; Editing by Chris Gallagher)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Going Back Again!!!

Last 4 month, i was home in Malaysia and the history shall repeat itself in 2 days time.... I m going back to Malaysia again!!!! Despite being reprimended for returning home at a worrying frequency...huhu..anyway.... since i m a mummy-boy (i won't deny this fact and i m not ashame of it) and i m the kind of person who is family oriented, i love to be home, to be in the cicle of family comfort...

Dont worry i wont criticize those who could not bother about their family, dont mind not to return for a long period, etc..dont worry i cool of that kind of people u see....sometimes, it good to be so... i mean, u wont be to attached to your family, so u would live freely..but to bad(not really) i m not that kind..... i love my family so much that if its possible, i would like to be single and to take care of my family(hopefuly i wont change my mind)..

Anyway, 35 hours to go before i will touch down onto KLIA.... argh cant wait for this moment again, the momment i had for few times since i m here in Japan..the joy tobe able to return to our beloved country!!

Owh gosh! I havent pack my stuff..hhuhu...what should i do? i dont even know where to start....should i start with the clothes??? the gifts??? the bag??? my stuff is everywhere,on the bed is spread with clothes ,study table is flooded with small items, gifst and my books , electronic items dotted my computer desk....

....arg.... i wish mum and daddy were here to order me around..haha im so parents-dependent(does this kind of word ever exist??) ....but even this momment is fun as well ! The moment where you are puzzled lost and confuse, lost in sea of things-need-to-be-done, with the mixture of excitement and anticipation.(what crap!)

Arg i dont really know what to write...i m not into blogging anymore..but the guilt of not to post is humming in my mind....argh..it kinda show that i m attached to this responsibility to blog althoughi dont really have the spirit to drive me to write like i used to...seriously..what to write??? hhuhuhu... ah! i m having writters block!

Ok2..now i better start packing....chow for now!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

しさしぶり!!! Has been Sometime since...

owh....my last post was somewhere in May...n now July is ending...wow....more then a month since i post anything here....all due to my proscrastination....neh its more because of my life as a uni students you see... (oh no! i m having a writter block..No idea what should i write..huh..this is sad...i really feel like writting about smtg but i m not sure how to start...)

Anyway, next week i m having my last paper which is the Physic B, dealing with heat and energy...and i just finish 2 papper last 2day...and it was terrible...both are physic related subjects too... one is basic Physic 1, and another one is the Industrial Mechanic.. bothare different subjects but the are dealling with the same topic, which is mechanics...

Frankly speaking, physic is really not my field, i call it 'easy to understand' thingy scope..to me physic is hard to comprehend..however, its getting fun from time to time, i just enjoy Industrial Mechanic these days(especiall after i score badly in my mid sem exam)... Its just that my last defeat(my mid exam result) seem to trigger me to try to do better in the next one... and i seem to had the confident before the Industrial Mechanic paper..but all just fade upon seeing the questions..huhu ..arg just forget about that..

These few days,i have been in to Korean reality show...have been watchin the Family Outing series on youtube..haha. basically its about a group of celebrity going to the rural areas and spend a night there... the have to prepare meal using what nature have to provide them,like camping ,they have games, and the fun part for me is when they have to prepare their own meal, so thery would go fishing, catching animals(chicken) and here u would laugh till u drop watching to their attempt....here there are lots of comical act and stuff....which is damn fun...since i enjoy comedy very much especially spontaneous ones...

However,get to think about it.. this reality show is nothing but a waste of time..it doesnt bring benefit, 0 profit...it cant help in my Japanese, it cant increae my knowledge...but it is a entertainment for me, and most importantly its my source of laughter and joy...hahha..i would lauge alone watching it...its fun..i have been watching 51 epesode and i have one to go..their final one..the farewell outing....( i m going to weap man!) huuhu...kinda sad to see people get seperated though...

Its highly recommende for those enjoy comedy..and love stupid gags ...

Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Heaven Big Bang

Prior to this I did wrote a post entitle 'BIG BANG inTown', and related to that, I just found out that Big Bang were here to make their new music video for a song namedMy Heaven ( one of the my fav) Japanese Version. The name of the original version(in korean) is Heaven(Cheonguk).

Their new Japan album will be release on 26th this month! Thinking of buying it but it is quite costy. A cd merely contains 2 songs cost about ¥1000 or ¥1800 including DVD(music video and the video of the making to the video) one.

I just found it yesterday after coming across it on the U-tube.Anyway i uploaded 2 of the videos, one is the Japanese version and another is the the original one.

The difference are ,one, obviously the language itself but what distinguish both of these (besides the language used) is the harmony between th lyric(of both language) and the melody. I m used to listen to Heaven Korean version and it is kinda weird to hear it in Japanese. And personally i think that the song is acceptable but not an anticipating one.

Big Bang - My Heaven (Japanese version)

Big Bang - Heaven/ Cheonguk (Original version)

The 1st time i hear to the original Heaven, there is an impact, this feel of i-want-to-listen-again kind of feeling, thatt is to say that, the lyric fit perfectly with the melody.
Eventhough i understand not a word of it (except for the english word, Heaven, and love ), the song still sound beautifully.
But when i hear the Japanese version of Heaven, everyting seem to crumble down.. not that enjoyable anymore especially when u understand the language and it sound funny(no offense guys) for someone who just learn the language to sing it in the language u have just learn (a.k.a none native speakers). It don't sound right.Even my Japanese suck...i still can speak smoothly to my japanse friends...luckly enough they dont mind. Unless u master it and u are able to speak and sound like the native speaker(in this case singing), only then the lyric and melody is united as one, and a nice perfect song is created!

(i m not a expert in music, i just write what i know and feel...

nway hope u guys enjoy the song!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Memories of Hakone (箱根)

This was actually last 2 weeks' episode but (as explain in the previous post) i have been procrastinating..

However,on 16th May, i had joined this field trip to Hakone under my, Meiji University. This trip was only held specially for foreigner students (later i found out there is a Japanese student joining it too). Anyhow, since that it only cost ¥2000 (which was unacceptable cheap) including lunch, it was a fun and enjoyable one.

Hakone, a town in Kanagawa Prefecture is one of the famous tourist attraction in Japan. Hakone is famous for its everlasting nature beauty and its active sulphur vents and onsen (hot spring). Besides that Lake Aishi which like a mirror which reflect Mount Fuji, is also a popular tourist attraction.

But on that day, the weather wasnt encouraging for outdoor activities, with cloudy sky and irregular drizzle. 'this explain why my pictures are very gloomy) But no worry, me and my friends were exciteand filled with enthusiasm..

Our trip started at around 8am and we reached there around 10.30am at the top of Owakudani (大涌谷),a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs . We go there and have sight of the suphur vent which emits foul smell. It was awlful though.

Looks like war occur here where lots of bom exploded..

its the sulphur dent..

This is an egged boiled in the sulphur dent..its said to be able to extend ur life for 7 years,
if u eat one, and if u eat 3 of it, you will live till you end you life (get what it meant?)

cost around ¥500 for 5 eggs.

From right, me, a Shi (China),Joanne,Ichi san(Japanese), Dina (russia)
They are some of the new friends i met there.

After strooling around , eaiting eggs and taking pictures,
we climb down to the Cable car station where we took down to the AshiLake (芦ノ湖).

Teachers who are very friendly, joked with us all the way down
to the next station near Ashi Lake.

The 2 tourist ships docking the Ashi Lake's pier.(picture was taking from the cable car)

As soon as we reached the foot of the hill, we ride the bus to a restaurant beside Ashi Lake, where we took our lunch.

The lunch was beautifully smart!It was Japanese cuisine and it was one of the best one i have ever tried.There is rice, soba, fish , and at the middle of it is a cup of Japanese Alkohol drink which i mistakenly thought it for a special sparkling drink..(i refrain myself from taking anything toxican to the body and mind) But frankly speaking it was tasty, and the alkohol porpotion is not high.(if it high i m going to have bad headache)

me and my pal, Joanne...

After lunch we move to the terminal, to ride the boat around the Ashiko lake..

The Blue Pirate ship is attacking the port.....( lies)...kinda dissapointed coz i thought at first that we were going to ride the big pirate ships ,but too bad, we end up on a normal cruise ship instead..huhu

The Orange Pearl ship...named it myself...

Doing the Titanic scene....
unfortunately no companion that come from the back to
add the romantic feel..huhu

the side of the lake
me and my housemate, Firdaus and Qudduss..on the cruise r....

Then the cruise docked at the another side of the lake, where is near to Hakone Sekisho Ato
(箱ね関所跡). its a checkpoint (i think) during the Edo era...it was built to avoid rebellion that occur during those times.( i cant expalin more coz i dont really know about the whole thing)

This pic above was taken from the top of a hill used as a look out post during those times...

I look tired in the pic huh..Seriously, i was damn tired and i was hungry at the same time.

the modal in the huts..i dont really know what all its about though.

This ship attractiveness of the ship caught my eye...i dont know why, but i like to look at this Orange Pearl ( i called it) drifting on the lake. Maybe it is because i like ships especiall pirate ones..Thats why i enjoy watching Pirate of the Caribbean!!

Our trip ended with confectionery(biscuits,cakes,etc) shopping!!! I bought some boxes of nice Japanese Hakone special made biscutes and cakes. Bought one box for my classmate who went to Guam earlier (for his sister's wedding) and bought me a box of Guam-made biscuits. Joanne bought a lot,seriously, it was a lot of boxes. She was planning to give each box to each of her Japanese friends.. what a thoughtful friend huh..

in the bus, slept all the way back...ZZzzzzz.....ZZzzzzz...

We reached Meiji University around 5pm earlier than planned..It was damn fun dispite the annoying rain and cloudy sky. It was a unforgettable trip .....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

The Procrastinating `Ghost`

Argh!!!!! Lazy!!!! feel like doing stuff that i enjoy doing but i m x sure what i wanted to do.... recently, i have been lazing around, turning into a lazy pig, spending most of my time watching video on U-Tube(there is this one Korean reality show which really amusing and funny despite the fact that watching it is a purely act of wasting time....shall talk about this later too)..

Seriously, even my blog is not active anymore, comparing to the early month of the year, my posting frequency have been droping drastically from 11 posting in January to 3 posting in May. Since that i have had promised myself that i m going to post anything about my life there daily (dispite there are no one have intrest in them.), i felt a remotest feeling of guilt somewhere in me...

However, i have a few stories to share, some where i have been planning, but it is kinda old ones happened few weeks, months earlier. All of them are still playing in my mind, enticing me to post them as soon as i have my hand on the keyboard ...Some of them will like pop out, in the middle of me concentrating hard in class, and then disolved whenever i have the chance to compose them...

Due to my constant attitude of procrastination, i m showing the tendecy to bring every work,stuff forward...not that i m having no time to just post a simple article, but it just that this proscratinating attitude that has been haunted me every since (when?), really talking a toll on me...(not that i m neclecting my studies k)..

Abd to be frank i m kinda terrified ( is this too strong?-changing it to 'worry' then..) of this procrastinating attitude which recently have reemerged in side me...like a intimidating ghost!

Help me anyone!!!!

However, i m going to post those stories one by one later on k.(sign of procrastination again)

Friday, 22 May 2009

I was on Japan TV!!!!!

Hahaha...one of my dreams ( not exactly the main, biggest one though) has finally come true!!!

it all started when.....

Last month, Bhupinder Khera(Boop), my Taiping,Malaysian friend who is currently working as a steward for the Singapore Airline ( betrayer), came to Japan and visited me for the 2nd time in 1 years.. The last time was last August 2008, where i made a story so that i can skip class.( lied my teacher- the regretted).

This time was in the middle of April, on Wednesday,and lucky enough it was a public holiday.. This time i brought him to Asakusa, then Joanne ( my friend who is studying inn MeijiUni,3rd year, Mara student joined us) then we went to Tokyo Tower and walk around Akihabara and the Emperial Palace(which we end up 'lepaking' in a garden nearby rather than going to the palace itself).

At the Observation Deck, Tokyo Tower..

Lepaking in the garden...Emperial Palace,Tokyo.

So it was in Asakusa where Boop and I was visiting this famous shrine called Senjo-ji, an ancient Buddhist Temple and is the oldest in Tokyo, when a Japanese guy approached us and was asking whether its ok if they would like to interview us, "only 2 minutes, please, both of you..", he said..i l later learned that it was for a game show..

I was damn excited, however, Boop wasnt convince with it..he was reluctant to join me, but at last i manage to talk him into it..

There was it, the camera man, the intrepreter, and a guy who i m sure the one who is in charge of the whole interview. Then this intrepreter,a Japanese lady with her fine English, was explaining briefly about the whole thing.

' We are going to show u 2 picture of Japanese ladies. You choose who you want them to be your girlfriend,'she said. Then the guy who is in charge of the interview show us 2 picture.

They are Japanese stars..not that famous but yet they always appear on Japanese game shows..i knew them but i was acting like i havent seen them before(acting like a Foreign tourist).

Instantly i pointed at the one who is wearing the white blouse..Boop did the same. Then she asked us why is it so..

"She looks more pretty and more natural. However the girl in pink looks unnatural and there is something wrong somewhere(i was making the 'apostrophy' hand gestures)", I answered...

and Boop said something similar to me too.

Then the interpreter asked Boop ,"If you want to date this girl, where will you like to bring her to?".

"Maybe watching movie and a nice dinner",Boop answered unsurely..

"Why dont you choose this girl with pink, she look cute to me'",asserted the interpreter again.

"She doesnt look natural and there is something wrong somewhere", I answered again 'but she is kinda cute though'..

"Owh i see. Actually, do you guys know that this is actually a guy, who had a sex change surgery", pointing at the girl in pink.(i was making those 'owh-shit, i-dont-know-that-owh my goodness' kinda of shocking expression, while in side me, i was lauging and said 'u plastic'..hahaha...).

"You guys have good man intuition', she continued.

"But she really did a good job changing herself thought" ,Boop added.

"Yeah i agree, she is kinda cute, really" , I barged in.

Then everything finished...hahaha

I was damn thrilled for the whole day..looking forward to look at me, myself on tv...what a dream come true..although i m not on tv for any talent stuff, but yet, i have had the chance.. That is good enough..heheh

Then, just now, a friend of mine texted me, and mentioning that he saw me on TV!!
i was excited and in a flash get the remote and switch the channel,change and change but to no avail. It must finished by now. So i called him about it instead.

From this post, i m sure that you guys who read it, think that i might be desperated to be in TV, and to be frank I sometimes like to be in the lime light. But, sometimes i want to experience how those famous stars known by all live their life, but on the second thought, I enjoy do enjoy my life now though...

Friday, 15 May 2009

Big Bang is in Town!!

BIG BANG is in town!!!
OK.. i m sure most of you guys don't know who or what Big Bang is.
Big Bang is a Korean boy band ( guys i know what r u guys thinking- 'pretty boys, jambu etc'..but who cares anyway. What really matter is that their songs are cool man!) and they are famous across Asiaeven as far as US and Europe( suprisingly).

This is the 1st Korean group which i enjoyed most. I wasnt a big fan of Korea drama, songs and fashion, not until a friend of mine,
Farah who was my school mate in ABK Japanese Language School,
introduced me to a song named 'Lies' by Big Bang.Also How Gee and Haru Haru too.
The moment i listen to, the song got stuck and it resonated in my mind, playing continiously like Britney's and Gwen stefani's songs did when i firstly listen to Toxic and What you are waiting for.....
Since then, i will hum the song if i have the chance to do so, like i dont have anything better to do.
Even in class!! It clearly shows that I really enjoy theie songs. SInce that some of the songs are in English (Number One, Make love), it make me easier to remember ..and thankfully I still does..
I am a fan(not a die-hard one k...maybe abit over-liking i guess..hehe) since Nov 2008... when i told my friends about it,some of them here who knew about this band said that i m outdated, because Lies was released in 2007. Kristy who is my friends from ABK also enjoy Lies, so sometimes we would sit together and lip- sync it...i would act like TOP...but she would say that i m too late to know the song..huhu...SO WHAT?!

The songs i enjoyed most is
Lies,Haru2, Heaven, How Gee, B I G B A N G, Make Love, SO Beautiful, etc.
not forgetting STYLISH ....
As a matter of fact i enjoy most of their songs...most of their songs are pop...
From here i got to know other Korean artist like
Gummy, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls and SNSD.

As u can see in the pic, the group consists of 5 members,
(from right)
TOP,the rapper,who enjoy acting and write songs,
Dae Sung, the funny vocalist and likes to cheer up the mood,
Tae Yang, vocalist and a very good dancer(reminds me of Justin Timberlake),
G-Dragon, the leader and the song writter for most of their songs,
and sometimes he has bad taste in fashion...
Last but not least Sung Ri (victory) ,
who is the youngest member, a vocalist and sometimes he is too confident in anything he does.

Each of them have their own single too which is unique in their own way..
Like Sung-ri with his sexual appealling Strong Women Mv,
with his 'BIG BOY' rapping song,
Tae Yang did sang a relatively interesting tunes like, Make Love and Looking At Me,
G-Dragon sang This LOve an adaptation from Maroon 5's This Love,
Dae Sung does has one but i m x sure about the title of it, but it is a Korean country song.

Anyway, today, Russell msg in the early of the morning, and i was too lazy to have a look and just ignoree it. Tthen when i read the msg, i jumped and rush to the living room, and turn on the tv. He was saying that Big Bang is in town,in Tokyo and it was on the news(30 minutes earlier)...I just want to watch what its all about, hoping that by chance i could meet them.
But, to my astonishment, the news about them finish before i could on the tv. huhuhu

I just wish i could know where is their whereabout so that i could be there and by sheer luck i might come across with the member or at least watch them perform live...if possible i wanna come across them like i did with BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!(that will be another story)

Hope you enjoy the Mv.Lies..

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dragon Ball..

When i was back in Malaysia, i had the chance to watch Dragon Ball Evolution. Personally i think that it was darn interesting. Unfortunately most my friends dont agree.
I m not a big fan of Dragon Ball but i did watched the cartoon version on tv 2 every Saturday and Sunday when i was in primary, just to kill the time. Therefore I know a bit of the fact about Dragon Ball.(just abit)

So when i watch the movie itself, I was shocked to see that there are lots of contradiction which i dare not state it out since my knowledge on the matter is considered shallow..But i kinda noticed some of the fact that i find them different from the original version.(so maybe tahts why its called 'evolution')

Nevertheless, i still enjoyed the movie.The character the Chi Chi (Jamie Chung) and Bulma( Emmy Rossum) are kinda cute. Especially Bulma with her knowledge in technology and her skill in fighting,they are amazing! She is cute and look tough at the same time making the character looks cool.

However, the story line was kinda havoc. The movie is too short for a movie with lots of plots. It looks like everything is being squeeze in a short period of time. It should be longer abit so it wont look 'kelam kabut'. Any i do enjoy the story line. Besides there are some amusing scene between Goku(Justin Chatwin) and Chi Chi. Thats fun too.

Anyway, last week, when i was in the second hand shop( place where i got my bed,sofa and comp table) , i saw a Goku doll. It is made out of plastic but the work is neat,nice and into detail . The colour is nice too. Cost around ¥1100 after I bargained with the shop assistant. I wasnt bringing enough cash (-¥100) on that raining day. Simply because i wanted it so much, i rush home, cycling in the cold rain, back to my room and get the ¥100. And returned to the shop a few blocks from my place. At last bought it!

Actually, i bought it coz, i like the movie and now i like dragon ball more.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Game Boy game!!

Last 2 days, when i was cycling back home from a store near the station, all of a sudden a guy was flagging making a hello sign to me. It was my senior Asyraf, later i learned taht he is going to a game store nearby which i dont know of. He wanted to buy games for his new PS3 which he bought from his Korean friends for ¥20 000 (rm740).

So i followed him and later met Qudduss(my housemate)
Upon reaching the game store,
i went straight to find games for my new (secondhand) GameBoy color.
To my astonishment, there are a whole rack stacked with the console's games dispite its downfall in its popularity.

Besides, the price varies,ranging from ¥180 (RM 5.40) to ¥2990(RM110).
There are 2 types of games, the GameBoy , GameBoy color, and GameBoy advance.
(and most of the GB advance's games are expensive .¥680~)
Most of them are second hand ones.

Since that i m not used to the games, i asked Asyraf for advice, and he said that Wario Land 3 (pic above) is fun. He used to enjoy the game. So i bought it!
cost me ¥680..kinda costy for a second hand game though.

PS: that game wast that interesting..huhu

Saturday, 18 April 2009

GameBoy color

Do anyone know what this is? Anyone recall what this is?

Its aGameBoy color!!! and it is my 1st portable game console. Since i was 11 (the time when i 1st time knew what is a GameBoy color is) i had wanted a game boy colour since that my bestfriend have had one. I borrowed his to play Harvest Moon. I have had played Pokemon too. It was damn fun and at that time having a GameBoy color is considered as cool..or rich! hahaha

Just now on my way back home from Shinjuku, Qudduss( my housemate) and i stopped by the chuko(中古, second) hand shop. I was kinda excited to see that there was 3 old GameBoys on the display. I tried one of them which is a purple in colour one. Lucky the bateri is in it.

Then to my supprise, the game tape in the console is one of Donkey Kong's games.
One of my favourite!!!I had played it on the computer quite sometime ago.
SO that was when my desire to buy it grew.

But then when i tried the purple GameBoy color , the one of the button has problem. The next was an dirty golden GameBoy Advance. Unfortunately, it have the same problem. The third one, a transparent cover, was ok.. still can ve used.

So i bought it!

for ¥800 (rm29)

damn best!!!!

although it sounded like a kid.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Nomikai (Drinking Party)

Today i had my 1st ever nomikai(飲み会). Nomikai derived from the word 飲み (nomi) 'drink', and 会 (kai) meeting or gathering.. Nomikai is very famous among the Japanese especially among the adults (office worker, company employee etc), where they would go out and drink among themselves after work.. However, even clubs party or a normal party with friends and associates are called nomikai. Usually, they would eat, drink and enjoy chatting. And it is a 'must have' drink during nomikai.

The one i attended was held by my university's Automation Circle.This circle is about computering, robotic related activities and i m impressed of the well construct organization of the club. I decided to attend this club bcoz i think that what they are doing might be useful in the near future especially that i m taking Mechanical engineering.

I knew about the club from a friend of mine, Seko San( my classmate for most of the class i m taking). When i attend the party which was held at the uni's canteen, we needed to write our names and some of the senior was kinda puzzled upon my arrival. I m sure that not always a foreigner will step in and join a club with all Japanese. The newcomers were seated in a row in front of the seniors. I was seated infront of a 2nd year guy. Seko San was sitting beside and he was really helpful in translating what these fast talker was babbling about.

What was so amusing about the 2nd year guys is that, he is kinda quiet unless there is things to talk about. Considering that my Japanese ability is still low, i wasn't doing much of the talking, but just listening. So when we dont have anything to talk about we would stare and each other unless either of us would bring up a topic(which is me) and he would do all the talking..

Then after eating, which was a buffet style one, (lots of choices but out of shyness, i took a small amount of everything..hehe....) then we were required to introduce ourselves infront of others and this was the herdest thing ever considering the fact that I,a foreigners talking in front of Japanese for the 1st time. We were required to tell our name, course, class, year etc..and what you want to do when u join the club..

When it was my turned, my legs was trembling and my heart was beating fast, i became nervous. seriously i was nervous to extend that i was to faint...

'Siriphong Koammapat Niran from 1 year, 5th class, nimber 27. But you can call me Phong. I m taking Mechanical engineringa nd i came from Malaysia....after joining this club i would gain ...know..know...ledge...( i stuck here when i forgotten the word knowledge; then all were correcting me, 'Chishiki!' they shouted)knowledge in computering...yoroshiku onegaishimasu.'

Haahaha..my worries had subsided when i finish the self introduction part..then we chatted and drank..i didnt take alkohol though, but just the serving( it is a custome for others to pour the drink for u or either way) . Seko San was drinking but yet his face didnt turned red.

i took a leave around 8.3o pm...

My 1st nomikai was fun though. I was worried taht they wount except a foreigners at 1st but lucky everything went fine and i gained comfortable joining it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Japanese Friends (part 2)

In the post earlier, i did state about the friends i made. How ever, they arent that friendly as those of the Malaysians. In Malaysia, when we met and get to know a new person, we would greet each other when we walk pass or we see each other. The least we do is we would nod and wave.

Unlike here, under my observation, these people that i knew, they dont really acknowledge me when we met. I m not sure whether they do it only to me or to others too, but my case is as same as those happened to some of my other friends(in ABK Japanese languages ones). They even told me the same story about how the Japanese student in their University treated them, how their friends behave toward them. This kinda made us uncomfortable.

Like today, i met my lab partner name Shinshi San[進士]. To my suprise, he dont even acknowledge me. I saw him attending 2 same classes as me. But not even once did he greeted or care to nod..

The another is MatsumotoSan[松本]( the guy that offered me to share his book). Only yesterday did i sat with him in the Physic class. He did helped me again, especially understanding the obsure Kanji written by my lecture in class.(eventually he asked me to call him Macchan). Today i met him n greeted him. But he wasnt that friendly today..i m x sure why..but when i asked him, he just answer me shortly and thats was it.

But Seko San[世古], a neardy looking student, who would sit at teh first row in all classes, was kinda better. He al least greeted me, and today, we attended is Automation Club. He was the one who introduce me to his club. Its like a Science robotic related club... I felt much comfortable talking to him dispite the fact that sometimes he dont really understand my Japanese..hahaha

Monday, 13 April 2009

Japanese friends...

I have heard that making friends or to mingle around with a Japanese is difficult, especially with the guys. Actually i heard from my seniors who have enter the Universities, and according to them, it will tak e quite some time just to get them to asked for your name. (unless they are your teacher).

Even when me and my ABK(Asia Culture Japanese Language School) classmates and friends (who are not Japanese) start their 1st year in their respective universities, during the 1st week of the university life, they wouldphone called each other complaining about their new unis. And the main topic is always making friends and mingle around with the Japanese.

I received few calls from my ex-classmate and friends. Then they would nag about how snobbish and arrogant the Japanese students are, ignoring the foreign students and this eventually made us feel secluded or left a side.

I have had these problems myself for the 1st 2 weeks. I tried to be good,u see, smilling and making this 'i want to be your friend' face to everyone in my departments students. I tried to talk and ask them question but however they seem not intrested. em?? i look liked a freak or smtg??

I always get encouragement and advice from my senior Tan;he would say' make sure u greet them before they group up into their gengs, and then you will have no friend!', which i did today.

I was resting on a garden bench in my campus with my China friend JO. while doing my class schedule checks when a group of Japanese student came and sat beside me. This is my chance i said to myself. So i took a deep breath and asked the 1st basic question which was whether they are1st year student or not.. then from there we had quite a long conversation and we finally change numbers...(might sound gay but in Japan(under my observation), changing numbers are consider as '1st move to a friendship', i think). His name is Miyaji Akihiro, a Physic studies student.

Then during the my 1st Chemistry Lab experiment, i was doomed because i havent buy the 'must bring' books.. so i was luck enough when a Japanese offer to share his book. I remember his family name, Matsumoto (like Japanese biy band, Arahii 's member's name).

Plus, my lab partner, who had helped me a lot in understanding how the operation of the experiment. His name is Shinshi 進士, from Shizuoka, on the East of Nara and Osaka. It was difficult to communicate with him, considering that my Japanese level is still low. But after an hour or 2. i finally feel comfortable talking with him.

Besides,i got to know another guy who shared the same table in the Chemistry lab. This name is Seko. I seen him before in several of the classes i took, since that he is taking mechanical engineering too. Just now he offer me a sit with him in other classes.. I just noded...

Anyway, from the experience I had, Japanese students are not that arrogant or snobbish. They are kinda kind actually and are willing to help when u ask.

So the lesson here is that, u muct be an extrovert and greet them 1st not waiting for them to greet u because it wont happen. There are possibilitiespon i think it would be low...

NOTE: in my campus, there are only a handfull of girls.huhu. so most of the people i know so far are guys.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hanami at Yoyogi Park

Today, i went out for my 1st Hanami. Me and my roomate joined my Petronas seniors there as well as other Malaysian students.

Hanami is an activity done by the Japanese for decades.
If i m not mistaken, Hanami is like a celebration to celebrate the beauty of the sakuras.
Hanami derive from the word 'hana' (flower) and 'mi' ( short form for to look or see).
So basically, Hanami is an activity where the Japanese
would go to the garden
and have picnic under the blooming Sakuras (cherry blossom).
Usually they will have meal while enjoying drinking beer and sake(japanese's alcohol drink) with friends or family.
Hanami is mainly done in spring where the sakura is blooming.
NOTE:On other day, it would not be called hanami.

Its quite irony u see, the word 'hanami' itself means 'looking at flowers', but the real fact is that(under my observation) these Japanese were enjoy eating, drinking,karaokeing etc rather than having the time to exactly look and be mesmerised by the beauty of sakuras. My ex Japanese did told me that during hanami, she just enjoy drinking and chatting.

My 1st hanami (which is today) was in Yoyogi Park (near Harajuku).
It was held by the MSAJ (Malaysian Student Association Japan).
I reached at 10am to see that most of my senior and 2 or my junior are there, with other Malaysian students under different scholarships.
The main thing that we did was just eating and chatting and playing games..

it was still early, there werent a lot of people by then, however, in after lunch, the place was flooded with Japanese and Foreigners too..in the pic above, that was us under the tree... we werent lucky enough because the sakuras have fallen..

Lucky enough to spot a tree with big flowers..i think they are not sakura. but the colour the fact that the whole tree is filled with flowers tell me that it is one of sakura's species or smth..hehe

Good thing about the activity is that is have the chance to meet new people and make new friends from other scholarships students..

i was kinda tired that time...what a day...

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I can surf now!!!

Finally!!! thanks to my savior Asyraf,
who is apparently my Petronas senior and my Uni senior has did it again.. Thanks to his higlly approved expertise in computering,
i m, well, connected to the putside world again..!!!
ahahaha ( i might sound as if im in living in the country side or cave or smtg)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

3 April .. new apartment...Loving It!!

I was damn happy upon stepping the door steps of my new apartment. Upon reachinh home, i was overwhelmed by the condition of it. Its huge that ever. It looks bigger than i 1st seen it. However i was suprised to see that my room is filled with stalks of boxes, arranged on one side of the room.. i m tired and i need to tidy up the room.
lucky enough, i enjoy tidying up...
I m staying in a 3 room apartment, 4th floor where i shared with my Petronas scholar mate..
i got the western style room( in Japan, there are 2 type of room- the Japanese style 和室 washitsu and the Western style style room 洋室)。

my room has a wooden flooring and a balcony with the scenery of the endless block of houses and a small hill on the right,filled with beautiful sakura( cherry blossom) tree.

my room - the desk which i received from my senior. I m waiting for more stuff which i bought at the 2nd hand store which later will be sent this weekend.

The hill on the right, filled with blooming sakura trees.

endless block of houses.

I really hove it.. my room and my apartment..although there is no swimming pool, but the sceney from my balcony is breathtaking in the night too...enjoy it!