Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summer Holidays....Travel

I should have post this a month ago. Anyway, i was busy engaging with stuff..(not!). The fact is that is that i was too lazy to compose and post anything. HUH!

Anyway, during my last Summer Holidays from early August to 24th September, I have been to 4 countries in just a month! Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea. It was a greatest record for me so far n i wish to break it, travelling more in a year...Traveling is so in my blood. I think i got it from my parents as they too love travel,especially like those backpackers ones.. Traveling is so much FUN!

On 4th August I went home flew to Malaysia,back to mysweet hometown in Taiping. In Malaysia, i was traveling all over, to Penang, Kuala Lumper and back to my parents hometown in Kedah. I barely stay put in Taiping for more then a week. My trip was endorsed by my Mum. she was the one who suggested me to go traveling rather than do nothing at home.

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang ,Malaysia.

KLIA,hanging around with Mum and Dad before departure back To Japan.

Besides that, during the last week of my holidays in Malaysia, my parents brought me to The Jawa island of Indonesia. We went to Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.(i will post smtg about this later). Then after a few days returning to Japan, I embarked on a new journey to South Korea. It was an extaroardinary trip, luck was showering us during this trip.(it will be explained later)

Jakarta. Trip with my parents..

Seoul N Tower....Seoul, South Korea.

So that all,a brief about my summer holidays and the traveling i engaged in...

Powerful Typhoon this way comes!!

Have u guys heard the Choir during the welcome party when harry was in the 3rd(?)year in Harry Potter the movie? it goes like this, 'Something wicked this way comes'.. anyway, today, its holiday..class is canceled, and its HURRAY!!! ..and it was TYPHOON hitting Tokyo as well...and her name is Melor..

But this morning I did went to school despite the feeling of taking the day off. It was around 9pm when i woke up,i was late for class as it starts at 8.50am, i was shocking to see that my sliding door was vibrating greatly and my stuff in the balcony was scattered all over the place.. the wind was too great,n strong too .

I was so near to come to a decision to skipping class(only for this particular bad day k) . But today i m having 4 period of classes and all of them r important i had no other excuse but to attend i cycled to the uni..I was cycling in the strong wind and in the forever falling rain.(it has been raining 3days in a row now.) and it was cold as well...seriously i wish i just could apparate in and out like those in Harry Potter's world..

Rain was falling heavily ,the wind was still strong(cant tell the readings) , i m sure the typhoon was at its peak..Typhoon Melor , carrying gusts of up to 198 km per hour , was about 200 km west of Tokyo at 7 am. The typhoon was moving northeast towards Honshu (the main island of Japan).

I was 20 minutes late when i reached the parking lot. I rush up, climbing the stairs as quickly as i could and as i was entering the building i just realized that my cap and my windbreaker was drench in water. I was too worry about getting late to class then getting wet . Upon opening the door i was nervous, upon thinking that all eyes might be set on me.It would be embarrassing since that i m still new in that particular math class. However.... as i was opening the was quiet...THERE WAS ONLY A FEW IN CLASS!!

It seem that class for the 1st and 2nd period was canceled. So i had to wait. Around 11am the heavy rain stopped but its still drizzling and the wind was still strong. From the window of my class, i could see that some pedestrian was having problem with sticking out their umbrellas in this condition.few minutes later , the sky was shinning brightly even though my friend was saying that the typhoon is still hitting the area. It was weird though. The image in my mind was like- during typhoon it would be raining heavily and there would be heavy rain fall n so on...but what really happened was totally different, the sky was clear, with patches of cloud in the sky, a perfect whether for picnic.

Then,in class, a girl who was on the phone announce that the class for today is cancelled due to the typhoon.It was 'Hurray!' for a second but i was puzzled as well.

What the heck???????????????????????????????????????????? The whether was fine but yet its holiday??? i don't get it. My friend, Kuribayashi san went to the office, reconfirm with the the office and it was proved true. it was holiday all right..I wasn't upset or anything but I was just come its holiday during some nice whether. But he said taht the typhoon might come again??

Now its 3pm already and the whether was beautiful. Even my housemate did his 3 days laundry and got them dried up.So now i just need to wait and see..while enjoying the 1 day holiday..hehe

this is an article i got from the net about this Melor Typhoon..

TOKYO (Reuters) – A strong typhoon barreled into Japan's main island on Thursday, disrupting transport and prompting warnings of landslides and floods, although there were no reports of serious damage.

Typhoon Melor, carrying gusts of up to 198 km per hour (123 miles per hour), was about 200 km (124 miles) west of Tokyo at 7 a.m. (2200 GMT) and was headed north-northeast at 50 kph (30 mph), the Meteorological Agency said.

Toyota Motor Corp said it planned to suspend production at all of its factories in central Japan on Thursday because of the storm, but that it would make up for lost output in the near term.

A total of 315 flights had been canceled and more were likely to be affected, while some high speed "bullet" trains had been halted in western Japan and several expressways were closed, public broadcaster NHK said. Thousands of people evacuated their homes, the broadcaster said.

One man was killed when his motorbike hit a fallen tree, Kyodo news agency said, and NHK said about 18 people had been reported injured. Television news also showed houses damaged by landslides on the southern islands of Okinawa and Kyushu.

"All night we had a lot of wind and huge downpours, and some flooding was reported in some houses yesterday," said Vishal Jani, a city official in Matsuzaka, Mie prefecture, south of the storm's center. "We were getting reports of houses shaking and shingles falling off."

But he said there were no reports of serious damage and that the skies had now cleared.

(Reporting by Yoko Nishikawa, Linda Sieg and Isabel Reynolds; Editing by Chris Gallagher)