Monday, 22 December 2008

A year since last post...hisashiburi desu ne...

Owh goodness sake, it has been nearly a year since i posted my last 'story'. Anyway, i was planning of starting a new blog , and somehow i just came across with my old one. So i might as well continue with it.
How time pass huh? Last year during this time, i was staying in my twin sharing room( the worst room i ever had- its not because of my roommate,not really..hehe..- its just me, struggled to get the full grip of my right to get my privacy.)The room is big enough for 2 but for me....its that i don't get it,don't really understand why i don't enjoy staying with my roommate...don't get it man! it was fun.. so i just hang around in the room only for sleeping..other time i would hang in the lobby or the canteen in the basement.

This is my room before.

Last year, at this particular time, i haven't get my hand on this white Toshiba Dynabook Autumn and Winter model (A WHITE ELEPHANT i called it-the meaning suit the laptop sad capability)which i been using throughout the year fulfilling my thirst of getting in touch with my dear friends and beloved Sis( i keep in touch with my family on the phone all the time). The comp system is not that good compare with other comp. Sometimes i would get myself screaming and cursing the laptop while using it. Mah.... now everything is fine. i am getting use to the sickening slow speed it takes just to START!

Hah! Yesterday 21th of December was my beloved ADIK's birthday!!! Happy Birthday sis! MY sis has become a year older.Sorry coz unable to celebrate it again like last year.Sorry can be with u during ur sweet sixteenth birthday. I just wish i could be on the flight back home.Holiday is so lonely. Everyone around me just went back.

Arg!!!Miz my family's present, giving me support in everytg i do, making stupid joked till we laugh all the way throughout the night. Miz mum'S food, dad's belacan and the clean air of Taiping..hehe..during this time i would enjoy myself gardening in the small Garden of ours( and i m wondering, wat happen to all the plants since the last time i saw them...i m just afraid they over grown and really turned itself into an Amazon..owh now i m starting to drag my way out of the topic.

Anyway, TIME really pass fast..huh.. It flies without i realizing that an hour, a day, a week, a year has passed. Living me behind regretting of stuffs i should have been doing, but unable to accomplish them simple because of my lack of sense of time, my laziness, my procrastination and my empty day dreaming . HUHU..should have used the time wisely, completing my priorities...for the mean time- MY STUDIES.
For now, no more room for regrets but just looking forward and deal with those which are still being destined upon my route to creating a better future.

It has been a year and 2 month since i left Home,and during that period i had been living in Tokyo- The city of Fashion, Culture and High-Tech. So, so far,i had tasted the essence of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and so far i find that Malaysia's tropical weather is the best. I like warm and cool air of Taiping.

Summer in Japan, the heat and the sun ray sting my skin ..the winter's coldness dries my skin till they crack and bleed...but the night breeze of Spring and Autumn are the best. Its warm and coldness is a comfort. Nevertheless i relay enjoy the change in weather now. Dude, it has been a my body is able to tune in when ever the weather changes now. Thank God. I thought that my body will cling to the condition way back home.And there had been snowing trice in Tokyo. I was overwhelming when it start snowing since i had been yearning for snow since i started watching Xmas cartoon and movie with snow falling and stuff when i was a child- the look of it makes me want to feel snow with my bare hand. But now i just realize that it is not advisable to hold snow with your bare hand, not if u don't want them turn blue.

In this 1 year since my last post, too much event, stuff swirled around me,and for that i would need a year to write them down. So in short, this one year was quite a tough year for me as i m doing my foundation. Striving hard troughout my studies but looks like it does not have much pleasing result. There are happy and sad event happened and all the happiness i cherish, and would like to hold them till death and leave the pain behind. Future is there to come waiting, but to what extend,to what limit, no one know, not only me, you or They, a secret only your soul can go through and only then they would be revealed what that is instore for u.

I better cut the crap. hehe