Tuesday, 27 January 2009

So what if spider is not an insect????

It doesnt means that those who dont know is dumb rite??

'昆虫(konchu) Insects have 6 legs....' said Hattori Sensei during a disscussion on todays' topic on environment...

'How about those with 8 legs?' blurly i asked her.

' Are u dumb, ponyo2?( a nick name i annoying classmate always called me) How can u call yourself a science student, dont u know that 8 legged ones are not insect, ponyo', criticized S San( cannot be named) . He was sitting beside me, in class for the week..(a life in hell)
'Like spider, there are not clasified as insect, u dumb ponyo' , he affirmed boastly. 'dumb ponyo!!'.

' Like duh, i thought there are all the same. Besides, i did suck my bio u know' ,I replyed half anger half upset.' if i did learned it before i could have been forgetting all about it. Plus I dont bother to know them when i m learning engineering', I defended myself with a bit of anger in me.

' You are really dumb huh? Even it is basic science, you dont know about them. Hey, we learned this in form 3 or 5 you know'. S San continued, proudly to note that he, the (the old man) with a degree in computering, who used to have his own company at a very young age, is better than us all.

Since that he is a friend of mine too, I have been tolerance with his egoism. Patience is the only thing that made us friend. His body is made out of 100% solid, 24 karat of bragging egoism. That the best discription to picture him( as his classmate)

This time, he had crossed the border. This time he really drived me up the wall. I was boilling at the inside waiting to explode. Anger has overcome me. I did nothing wrong to him, but he keep on making me mad by calling names. Not that i m cant be patient with it. but this is over the border man!!!

I felt like shouting at the face. For the whole 2 periods he was singing 'Dumb ponyo' under his breath which was damn annoying. It was then my blood shot into my head, provoking me to a level where i felt heat around my eyes. Situation intense, I sat still on my chair. The urge to punch him straight on this nose was aggravating.

But, in myself, the white angel of me keeping reminding me to be patient. Reminding the word of the Buddha. 'Be patience and happiness and calmness will be yours'. Breathing hard in and out for a couple of minutes helped me dissolve the intense anger.. but yet the devil beside me was continuing 'ponyo2, spider is an insect..how dumb' thingy..

Then i remember, what my dad used to told my sis whenever I call her names. 'Kei(my little sis), use the self-counter attact. That he will stop'. I dont get it at 1st. But what my sis did really made me annoyed and tired,eventually I stopped. What i did was..hehe.. i called my self 'ponyo' a few times but in a hip-hop style whenever S San bring it out.

And it did worked!! He started to feel annoyed and finally he stop even before the class ended haha.. while i m happy rapping stuff about 'ponyo' in Bahasa Melayu, English, and Japanese..(haven try in Thai yet though). All of the sudden, i was having this interest in rapping( i m sure it wont last)..hehe

Anyway, i felt childish today in class. Being upset about someone saying stupid stuff and calling names are kinda rubbish and foolish.. Its worst that a primary children man..nway it was nice ordeal which used to happen during my childhood...the good old days..heehe

PS: Gage no Ue no PONYO is a anime release last year. The movie was a boom and its song track is very famous now in Japan. Its called Ponyo Sakana no Ko.(ponyo the girl fish). Hatori sensei said that that the movie is fun. I haven watch it myself though ,so can say anytg..

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Day of the 2nd Truth..

Previously I think i did stated that applied for 5 uni...and so far I knew only 3 of them. The 1st one which is the Shibaura Uni which i failed the 1st stage( sad huh...neh...) .. The second one which is the Meiji Uni..which I was yearning to be enrolled into.. then the 3rd one is Chuo Uni...

And for you guys' info i passed the Chuo Uni too.. I was informed by a friend of mine. After thousands times trying to key in my account number to check the result online, and i was later to find out that i failed the atempt. Then my ' useless, offensive' friend who katte ni (deliberately) checked my result without my permission and acknowledgement. His action kinda offended me in the way that he didnt respect my privacy. (u can call me sensitif allright..). Actually, he killed the fun man!!! The fun to discover ur own success or failure... I like the intense feeling of anxiety and excitement by keying in the exam number, then waiting anxiously for the 合格(pass) or
不合格(fail) icon to pop out...huh...a spoiler...nway i manage to hide my anger infront of him... HEIKI( cool)

Briefly about CHUO University- My campus will be in KOuRAKUEN. Tokyo Dome is there( a place where most of Japan's main baseball games are held and the place where most of Japan's as well as International singer do their concerts) . Korakuan is situated in the middle of Tokyo. Its campus is only as big as 5 football field, which is kinda small and boring, so that is why i dont really want to enter it. Its Department of Science and Engineering is quite good but Meiji Uni's is better( acording to some information). However its canteen's food is darn cheap and nice.. I tried the lunch set which cost me less than 500 yen(rm20).

The Falcuty of Mechanical Engineering will be Building no 4.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Day of Truth..Meiji University Result..

(in class)5minutes to 10am,I waited anxiously, thinking weather luck really on my side or doom and fustration will take its toll on me.10am was the time when Meiji Uni, the uni i was longing to enrol into( since i knew about Meiji Uni.), announcing the successful applicants . I was one of them who had applied for it.

In this 5 minutes itself,he memories of last week's interview, the time when i forget my lines, the time where i was trembling while answering the intimidating interviwesr and my frustrating EJU result suddenly, flash rapidly in my mind. Arg!!! Regretted!!! Should have perform better man!!!

Then, the school bell rang( ring every 40 minutes). Its 10.00am!!! the time has come. Yet i set rigidly on my chair, Ah So@ Ojisan( uncle) who is sitting beside me for the weeks, giggled happly, asking for my Meiji exam number,he was going to check for me(he applied for it too). I kept silent. He reassured me that i m going to succeed it but I m not that sure, no confidence really.. '89307!!!'( my interview number) abruptly he screamed and in a flash he rush down to the computer room, which is on the 1st floor below my class. Ono Sensei(Japanese Language teacher) tailled him behind.

2,3,5 minutes pass slowly. Bam! the door opened. I was shocked! Looking at the door, there stand Jo San( China) smilling...its not Ah So, i felt relieve, but yet the anxient intense in me... its going to be 合格 or 不合格。(pass or Fail).. which will be me?? I kept on asking myself...

Bam! the door opened again, bravely i lift my head,with guts i look at the door, its Ono Sensei looking straight at me, with her smile which usually she does it if we answer her question wrongly. Then behind her its Ah So, with his blur dismal face, showing not sign of 'pass or fail' impression..... Arg!! hate this man... damn nervous!!

'(89307 は だれ?合格!!! (who is 89307? PASSED)' Ono Sensei read out aloud from a piece of paper she was holding. I screamed unsurely. I reaffirmed with my classmate. Is it 7??? with my 7 fingers on the air to assure what i had heard was not a mistake....

Then everyone scremed 'おめでとう!!’ (congrate!!) to not only me, but 3 of us, me Ah So, and Jo San..yaaaa!!! YATTA!!!! i screamed ingnoring that i m in the class...

That is the best time ever!! I finally did it!!!

I was in this 'all-day-smilling' state....I rush to inform my family who is the triggerer to my success...feeling grateful for those who has made this to come true...

ps: Meiji Uni is not the best uni in Jpanbut yet, its Engineering Falcuty is in the top list in Tokyo though. Beside I like the campus which is quite big comepared to other uni in Tokyo.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Is Japan as safe as people though?

'What make u think of coming to Japan?'... respond to this, one of my friend answered, 'Japan has one of the safest city in the world which is Tokyo. So i think that, I will have a good safe life studying here'...quite absurd to me...

So, i m just wondering, is Japan that safe? Is Japan's crime rate is low, the public security is good and is Tokyo a safe place for u to hang out alone at the street at the middle of the night? If its yes, how come these few days, i have been bothered with the news of murderer, suicide and juvenile cases??? Then, how come lots of people that i knew, have the idea that Tokyo is a safe place??
em...so now in short I would like to reveal the true colour of Japan....

Recently, there is a breaking news of the murderer of a Electric Engineering Professor of the Falculty of Science and Enginering of Chuo University.(as a matter of fact, this is one of the uni i m applying and praying hard to be accepted in). The professor Hajime Takakubo, 45 being stabbed 60 times around the chest, back, and, hand. The decease died from bood loss and damage to his heart ,lungs and aorta according to the newas paper here. The murderer is suspected to be man of 30 and was seen wearing black cloth and fled from the crime scene.

Last year, there was a mass muderer in Akihabara, where around 11 were dead and leaving a number of padestrian injured. It happened when a man who is low self-esteem, start blaming the community for him not having a life partner(balmming that the Japanese girls only emphasise on the look of opposite sex, and the guy himself is not that goodlooking) , he drove a lorry, which run over a few pedestrian who were crossing the road, and later jump out of the car with a knife and start clashing who ever were on this way... this is mentally crazy!!! Another one was in the train station where a man with a knife, start slashing the public without reasons, and then fled into the mall..huh...

End of last year, there was an accident where a high school boy killed his biological father whould any particular reason. He was writting stuff in his blog saying that 'I dont not love my dad but i just have the feeling of killing'..... extra mental!! There are more ...just that i can't remember...

So guys, is Japan that safe? Japan is just as same as other countries, with its pros and cons, but with the idea that Tokyo is one of the safest city is tottaly wrong. However, dont freak out, I m believe that with luck and the spiritual protection, you can have a nice safe holidays here.

PS: i m not here to talk all the negatif stuff about Japan k..just that these stuffs are a nuisance to me, so i was like want to talk about all this..Apart of all have happened, I still love Japan!!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Is the J2 that Weird?

4 hours earlier i just arrived from a dinner with my exclassmates and ex teacher during J2 class (oct 2007~march2008). All 9 of us went to a izakaria , a Japanese Reataurant and bar named Takadaya, 20 minutes walk from my hostel and school, ABK. 9 of us were , Arai Sensei, Tora, Tan , Zen, Russell, Khairy, Firdaus, Qudduss and me..

We arrived around 7.30pm and spend aorund 4 hours there, eating drinking(tea and water), as well as talk mostly on our good old day during our studies in J2. Arai Sensei odered quite a number of dishes. .

We had, prawn Tempura, Horse meat ( my 1st time- i ws trilled) , fried fish, squid in special sauce, and burned onigiri with was the best We were laughing all the was long recalling all the happy momment we had together, laughing at jokes and interesting humors.Arai Sensei always say that 'J2 is the craziest and weirdest class she ever taught'...the we would reply, 'Of course,.what do u expect when We had a wonderful crazy weird teacher?'.. we would end laughing at it....

 hah, i think what Sensei said was true. My j2 class was filled with all weird, different, special by their own way, personalities..lets start from here...nway this is the pic of J2
  1. Firstly, We had 2 wild animal, the Saru(monkey) named Russell (Petronas) and a Big Fat male pig name Zen (Malaysian),
  2. a fuss, noisy,pretty Korean Princess name AI San, who at times(all the time) would have small,long immature, girly fight with ZEn, causing a roar of laughter among our classmates. ( both of them are the main entertainner of the class)
  3. a vain,bossy lady name Aida San(Honh Kong), who think that she is superior that others and always beat those who make fun of her(ME)..huhu...but she is funny at the same time..
  4. a ideal gentleman who really enjoy the 'shower dance'(a joke) name Kento San(Hong Kong)
  5. besides we also have a mother of 3 thai, name Shim(korean) and her 3 Thai children , Dulanit, Prut and Sukurit..
  6. Not forgetting the the hillarious Taiwan jin, Cho San, who have problem remembering names especially Quddus and Firdaus'S8 i m wondering weather she remmeber our name or not). Sometimes she would as' nway who are you again??'
  7. and for the innocent, blur and anxious Lai San, who would always panic when being asked questions.
  8. Tan San(malaysia) a girl,who is very concern about the classmates, and to me, she is like a mother,coz she always helps me to make me feel better at times..and karina(malaysian) who is the 24 7 MD part job girl who really work hard in studies and to get some pocket money.
  9. Besides we also have Firdaus(Petronas), our 'Belit2 and Bunga2' philopher who always come out wit complicating long and lenghty explainations and he loves collecting drier which is put in dry food packets..... and Qudduss (Petronas) who is the quite guy in the class..(nothing special here)
  10. plus, we have a metrosexual, high sense in fashion guy name Ban San(malaysian).. he is very good in dressing up and he the one who helped me style my hair..hehe...
  11. Talking anout couple, Tora(tiger)@neko(cat) a Taiwanese who is a open minded gay boy(em not sure but it seems that he is like so) who enjoy embracing guys in the class ( i m one of the victims too...huhu) expecially Khairy(Petronas) ...our class's professor a.k.a Mr Mario, who would play games,ds, all day long but is smart in his studies... Tora and Ban San have scandals with Khairy , u see, ( we the classmates make up stories) and the story behind it is very complicated..hehe
  12. hah...the Queen of Dragging the Sound of a Word, Shin San (Taiwan) always drag the last word of the sentence with a speciall, girly, cute voice..kimochiwarui at times..who now is dating Jun(korean)
  13. Jun and I the student and teacher of the XM class(was another story/joke my classmate created).. my 2nd class teacher Matsukawa Sensei always relates us with the XM activities (dont know what is XM? Good then...). It all started when I was making funny weird gestures while doing presentations).. Whenever she notices these gestures, she would say, 'Phong San, I see taht you are very good in XM '..haha..laughter would erupt in the class...
  14. huh...we cant end without telling about the teachers, Arai Sensei and Matsukwa Sensei. Arai Sensei, a strong, rock teacher, with her sense of fashion that others teacher would not follow,is very kind and very concern about the students' affair and needs.. even we are not her student in class, yet she still assist us with what every she can....plus she always treat us with snack, choclate and even dinner....she said that, she loves buying food but not eating them....but she dont likes photos..
  15. Matsukawa sensei, a lovely, cute teacher, who is very funny in her own way, sporting too, always make jokes all day long making her class an interesting one. She is nice,never ever she get angry at us. I felt sorry if sometimes we did offended her..huhu

Matsukawa Sensei and Ai San. -------------- Arai Sensei...i took this pic secretly

So thats all about my ex class J2..on the second thought , my ex classmates are not that weird rite?emmm...Sensei was being too exaggerate it think..hehe

Thats all i guess...weird or not...u decide..

Lost without a battle...

Today (15/01/09-Thursday) result for the 1st stage of one of the Unis the Shibaura Technology Institute that i applied had been announced. Unfortunately I fail to get into the one who able to continue for the next stage that is the interview stage.. thats why, i had lost without fighting...without a battle..

Frankly speaking, rather than feeling down and upset, I was kinda feeling relieve and feel a bit lighter coz I need not prepare for the interview which should be on next Friday.Besides i was smilling upon knowing that my name is not on the pass list. It was shocking knowining that i was smilling and laughing.(I m can assure that that I m still sane.)

However, I do feel a bit upset though but not to the extend that I m going to lock myself or ponder all over it as if my world is half gone or what. But there was somewhere inside me that cried, blaming me for being such a jerk, and playful before the
EJU exams(Exam for Japanese University Entrance for Foreigner Student). One of the formost important exam inorder to get a place in the uni.. which might determine my next 5 years... it was true indeed, I was playing around for the last month before the exam day. i was being 'smart' and overconfident enough that i totally neglected my studies for the world of entertainment.

I always tell myself to think positively. Anyway like those old saying, '
dont cry over spilled milk', better just forget all about it and focus for those challenges that are in store for me in the future!!! Ganbarimasu!!!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Coming of Age...Seijin no hi (成人の日)

'I m proudly to announce that i m 20 now!!!!', i think that this phrase is a craze among the Japanese youngsters here as today is the day of Coming Of Age- to celebrate those who has reach the age of 20. Its one of the biggest celebration in Japan to celebrate the passage into adulthood.

The Japanese usually wear formal on this day. The girls with colourful kimonos called the furisode and the Guys with smart suits or traditional Japanese kimono called the hakama. They usually attend Seijin Shiki, the ceremony that many 20-year-olds attend where they will listen to certain elders, such as the local mayor, mainly discussing about responsibilities of adulthood or go to the shrine to pray for their desired future.

As you see, if u reach the age 20(in Japan), you have the right of voting, drinking and smoking.... these are those stuff that a typical Japanese youngster would like to do( I think- since that smoking and drinking are really common among Japanese male and female).

In my case..

'I m will be 20 this year!!!!'. Screamed in my mind with excitement..I will be 20 by 6th September.....but yet to me what is the real meaning of being 20?. what are the stuff that i m not allowed to do but i wanted to do???? Well i m not into politics, now is not the time to vote(fear of supporting the wrong person to lead the country). Besides I dont smoke...simply because I barely stand the smell, plus i dont drink due to some religious reasons...SO is being 20 is nothing difference to me?? I m lost in searching for the answer..

But to be frank I m feeling restless with anxiety upon the idea that I m on my way of being an adult, a grown up and the idea of the need of being one. .. from a kid a typical teenagers with craving for fun and excitement to a typical adult filled with responsibility, wisdom, and reasonalble attitude..I m still in my prime of being an teenager, having all the fun with myself, with little responsiblities and have the luxury to kill time with stuff that i want to do.. and I m still having this childish way of thinking...however considering my age, I must be an adult soon, i need to CHANGE...

Now, the main question is AM I PREPARED TO BECOME ONE?That is a big one for me.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Second down, 2 more to go...

'Nervousness kills the lines'...that is the phrase that is frequently floating in my mind whenever i m trying to cool myself down for the any attempt to success...in today's case- Meiji Uni's Entrance Interview..
As soon as it finished in the afternoon, my mind was overwhelmed by a mixture of anxiety, and relief.(Having nervousness and worries as my weak point-anxiety always have its place in my soulin every single time. Relief-one burden has been lift from my tiring shoulders, i has had 2 interview finished, leaving 2 more to go, a bit of the 'yeah2'mood feeling the air).

Frankly speaking, I was kinda confident with today's writting test which was on physic law and principle(except for 1 of the physic concept which i can't really get it), but for others i think I blow up everything! This time the interview was quite easy ,but, simply because of my anxiety- my completely memorized lines end up tangled up in my throat causing me to stumbled on my words when I was asked on the reason of applying Mechanical Engineering Department of Science and Engineering Falculty. The answer for that is simple,

'In the future i want to be a Mechanical engineer,Therefore...blar,blar,blar...' That is all it! How on earth i could forget that in the middle of the real battle field???!!! Besides i was praised several times during all interview practice for memorising all the important script. But why on earth I was unabled to perform as well during the real Interview?
Nevertheless, this will not make me lose hope..pray hard and just wait, result will be out in 2 weeks..

During my 1st interview, it was for the Chuo Uni Entrance exam, I did an error where I mistakenly comprehended the question asked by the interviewer, where it kinda upset me a bit. On the second thought it wasnt completely my fault. Not to mention the writting exam was exceptionally difficullt, comprised comprehension questions and an essay and also Kanjis..argh the most difficult part...huh...

In 2 weeks time, I will have my next interview which is the Shibaura Uni Entrance Exam, and my last will be the Science Uni of Tokyo.
Actually I applied for 5 uni but , i m required to attend only 4 of them since another one, which is the NIhon Uni, dont have interview or exam for entering it. So now i m in the middle of the challenge to get myself into the unis...wish me luck guys!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Japan Food Tv

Just finish memorizing the scrip for my coming university interview which will be on this Saturday. Pray hard, cross my fingers, hope to enter Meiji University. A while ago i was half awake while studying in the lobby with my classmate MOMO( cant remember her proper name) ending up doozing off over my books.Now feeling a bit refresh though. Anyway a while ago i was watching this programme on the tv on food and all food...

As long as i have been staying in Tokyo, I m very totally sure that the Japanese enjoy eating very2 much,just by judging from the tv programmes which 70% of them a related to food, food and food (sometimes the ingedients of making DISHES..ma its still food). For example, the one I was watching a while ago was about a reality show where groups of celebrities competing by guessing the price of the tempting dishes which were served to them.... Can u imagine,5 pieces of clam (from hokkaido-an island northen Japan) could fetch up to rm150 and a bowl of thin sliced meat(i m x sure what meat-but they looked good) is around the same price.

Besides, that most of the programme are more to guidance for searching good
restaurant which are normal (like Jalan2 Cari Makan). But can u imagine about searching for bizarre restaurant serving bizarre dishes like a 2 meter tall Ice Cream, 5 kg of Frice rice serve with 2 kg of Tempuras* (fried powdered chicken,or seafood,or vege-picture above) or even 6 kg of desert with 15 tier of ice cream and pan cakes topped with a great amount of fresh cream and mix fruits, last with red cherries as well...(how can i wish i could taste them)..how to finish them up????

Plus, there are always programmes related to food which are participated by
famous Japananese celebrities and..even there are American celebrities too. Its was about a group of 5 singers called SMAP,are trained to cook different type of cuisine ranging from typical Japanese cuisine to French and Chinese. Their job or task is to please the invited guest with their mouth-watering appetizer, amazingly performed main courses and finish up with sweet refreshing dessert. Everytime I watch this I would make sure I fill up my tummy before i roar the way to the convenient store and grab what ever I could get my hand on to..

Apart of that, there is this programe where a group of people, (guest of honour would be those of the celebrities) would talk about issues over dinner. !st they will have to be served with the complete course of a propper dinner(starting with apertixzer and end with dessert). Then between discussing and talking, they will comment on the dishes....like normally they would say 'owh this is damn good!' or 'Damn, this is like heaven on earth' and blar3.......

Actually there are more programmes on food on Japan's tv. Most of them are interesting though, but the worst thing is that most of them will make you want to grab something and stuff it into ur mouth..as for me, they will leave me cursing at those lucky people who have the chance to taste the heaven-on-earth cuisine...huhu..

Friday, 2 January 2009

Bye2 2008...hai2 2009!!!

明けましておめでとう 今年もどぞよろしくお願いします(Akemashite Omedetaou、kotoshimo dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu) a phrase that would filled the air in Tokyo during the new year....it literally means Happy New Year....

As far as i can remember, my last new year was..kinda boring,although my classmates and I,my teacher joined us too, went to see the 'fire works' at One of the famous temple in Tokyo, but rather than fire works, we were amused by the flying Sperm dancing in the sky..haha.(actually they are balloons being release into the air when the clock struck 12), then on the 3rd January, my dream of stepping into the world of Disney came true when i went to Tokyo Disneyland!!!

February and March- bulan 2, nothing interesting , in March i went home for the 1st time since i came Japan..I was overthrilled man..able to return home to meet my beloved family,( i m close to my family u see, although i called home very frequently,yet it felt like didnt contect them in 1000 years!!) However,trip home was em kinda boring too since that my parents were buzy with work,siblings and friends

with school making me stayed home most of the time.

Nevertheless i did make frequent trip to Kl. The 1st was to my school ASiS for the Carnival Day. Frankly, if i could turn time, i would turn to the time where i start my high school in ASiS. Bes dowh.. Met some of my batch mates, and teacher too.

During my trips to KL i slept at Azizi's place in subang, apan's place at INTEC too.. It was a joyful time...yet the best time was with my family, making jokes and laugh and laugh with my hilarious parents' joke..heehe.. then i became my cousin's best man during her wedding..heehe..COOL!

Started school in Spring on 3rd April,i was placed in D3. Most of my classmate are Malaysian, a few korean, thai and a Mongolian. Not forgetting the HK, Taiwan and China's chinese.
The class was cheeful for the 1st 4 month but actually my classmate are not reunited till now coz there are people who like to stir stuff up ..so u can see that the malaysian and the others are a bit parted,not reunited and our friendship was not that strong althpugh it has been 6 months studying in the same class everyday..huhu too bad...but i manage to go through it all..but just wish my classmate could be more close to each other like all other class do...

In May, i bought my 1st bike..it is a maroon Cheverolet and i named it Cherry..coz its maroon and ist sound cool and cute hahaha... with the bike i started travelling around Tokyo. Damn fun..its more challenging than taking the costing train to places..

JUN, 'it is the summer time', it was damn hot. Japan's hotness is so different than those of malaysia's. but seriously its more to 'pain' hotness. When the sun ray shine on ur skin, u can feel like the ray is bitting ur skin..huh

Mid July, I joined my school trip to Mount Fuji, we stayed overnight on the foot of the mount, then we have class performance at night. We did the School of Musical dance..haha it was damn fun!!! the dance was cool though...tp sgan r time tu. thank God we won 1st runner up although we hope for 1st place.huhu..but we had fun...

In August, i had my Summer Holidays..nothing much..just travelled around Tokyo with my Cherry..

My Birthday in September was the best best Birthday party since i was young.. i received plenty of presents..haha..mcm budak2 plak..what made me happy was that my friends here got me LEGO sets..haha..bes dowh..receive lots of presents too..Faizal Adam,a ASiS classmate send me a cool cap all the way from Malaysia.Thanks dude! Not forgetting cards pouring in..a lovely one from HOME.. Actually material gain is not the matter, the most important thing is the thought that matters..hehe...

October arrived with my aggitation of examination..huh..another month to go... hah..not forgetting my Junior. 5 of them arrived Japan.. 4 guys and a girl...
On the 18th we had 秋祭 or aki matsuri, autumn celebration at school where the petronas student open a stall..we sold Nasi Lemak and Cucuk Udang( in japanese become cucu udangu..haha) The sales of cucuk was good..the japanese enjoy cucuk then..

November.Eju came to town..hohoho..the exam that will determine my future..but i sucked it..huhu...only for my case, the japanese paper was damn difficult.Cant pay attention while listening and reading section.Dont talk about other subjects. they are the same. My faundation was abit shakky and they are still as so. huhu.(that explain everything of my exam's result) but dont lose faith Phong! u can do it!

Disember, the last month of bye2 2008, had Japanese Proficiency Test..hopefully i pass it. Besides that, i had my 1st Uni Entrance Exam and Interview. It was Chuo university..argh suck in the writing exam n interview. No further comment on this matter..than winter holidays start.. stay in the room all along..
But i do make trips to places like Harajuku and Ikebukuro for window shopping and some walk.. on 24th the day before Christmass, i went to Disney Sea..hah..the best day during the holidays..then on 31th i went to the Thai Dhammakaya Temple here in Tokyo,celebrating the new year in a more spiritually way..hehe..

Thats all from me, not that interesting anyway...but its just a brief of my 2008..now to the hai2 2009, i wish this year would be better tahn before, filled with happiness and fun!!

Disney and I.....

Hah...talking about cartoon or animation, the 1st thing that pop out was those of the Disney's. Not that i m a big die hard fan
of Mickey or any of the character, but i m always a big fan of Disney as a whole.

I really enjoy every Disney cartoon and to be frank i m kinda embarrass of myself sometimes since i m 20 now yet Disney always has its own way to cheer and amuse me up with its everlasting hilarious cartoons and movies.

The one I enjoy most are those of the old cartoon and movies like, cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, One Hundred and One Dalmations and Sleeping Beauty. It seem that the grafic,hand-drawn animation and the simpility simplicity but creative storyline are fairly interesting.. i dont really know how to put it into words,but in short, Disney's are the best.

I had been enjoying disney since the 1st time i started to read and watch tv. This made me dream of going to Disneyland. I remembered that while i was watching scenes of Disneyland in the US, i would be trilled and be filled with joy, only by watching them( i was 8 by then). Sometimes I would nag my mum to bring me there, but she would reply my nagging,

'.. u better rajin2 blajar from now. When u get any scholarship, u need not ask us to bring u there, anytime u can go by urself..' but then i would object
'owh man, mak ni kedekut lar'..
'yup, haha'
she would laughed.

True enough, i m receiving them now, and helped me make my way to Tokyo. Just last week i did my visit for the 2nd time into the World of Disney... Tokyo Disney sea. My 1st trip was last year, 3rd of January to Tokyo Disneyland..

Owh damn! really enjoyed till my ass shooked. The place was amazing, upon entering the vicinity of Disneyland, i felt like i just enter into another New World....haha...damn fun..but the rides are a bit childish for me thats all..but DisneySea and Disneyland are totally different( i will tell this later).Then i realized, my dream actually came true..one of my childhood dream... because of persistent hardwork and determination, dreams do come true (in my case)...huhuweee

January 2007 -trip to Disneyland

Regarding the pictures of the trip to Tokyo DisneySea, there are problems with uploading the pic. sorry..i will upload it soon k...