Saturday, 28 February 2009

Going to about Taiwan ..

'Want to go to Korea lar...', uttering to myself with a low tone...

''Me too!!'' screamed Kristi, ' ..why dont we go together r....since that I dream of going there and my cousin is studying there'.

''AH wait! I m thinking of visiting my friend there lar...muzukashi jan, omai no kazen shiranai shi...isshouni wa chotto ne...'' (its kinda difficult since that i dont know ur cousin and if we going together maa.....)

''Em nevermind. Why dont U go and meet ur friends, stay with them, Tama ni(sometimes) we can lepak2 together bah'', with her Sabahan english '
''So why dont we go during summer or ....''

''Not winter k....damn cold'' (Korean like Seoul is said to be colder than Tokyo during winter- and i cant stand the cold weather)'
''I m not sure r...but i will think about it again'', I assured her...

''Promise tau'',Kristi said happily while making the 'promising' finger sign.''Han! so this Summer do go back to Korea, at least u can bring us around''.

''Not going back this Summer, i m planning of having my eyes lid done'', replied Han in this low tone voice. Han, a korean guy, dreamed of having 2 eye lids. He is planning of having surgery to do so.
''Why dont u have in done in Korea, its cheaper rite?'', i asked..

''But later it would be a problem if smtg goes wrong with the finishing. If getting them done in Korea, if there is smtg problem with my eyes, i would have to fly all way back to korea for checkups''.

''How about Taiwan...I wanted to go Taiwan'', said Holly..(a friend of mine from Hong Kong). ' want to enjoy the food. Would be nice. Plus Taiwan's foos is not that expensive compare to Tokyo's''.

' Yeah we want to go too' all screamed...

''OK,How about we go there together one must be fun'.

' yeah!!!', all of us affirmed.

We were at the Drop Burger, a American style restaurant expertise in nice big, fat burger while having the conversation. I didnt buy antg though but just tumpang Kristi's. Four of us were hanging around before we lead our separate lifes. Kinda sad though. Although we arent close best friends but yet but yet we were like bestest friends. I just knew Han and Holly for like 4 months. Yet were like friends knowing each other for years.

Talking about the main topic, going to Korea, i wanted to go to Korea every since I m in Japan and since i m into Korean song and movie. Korea is like 2 hour flight from Tokyo and the flight tiecket wont cost that mush compare earlier(according to Kristi)

Last year i was planning to go there during this spring holidays, but since i m returning home, i cancelled it. But i m sure i m going there one about cash if u ask me..em..i would have to save up from now then...

So now I m planning to go with Kristi during this summer i think...em just a plan rite, it wont hurt i think...anyway, about Taiwan....not sure of it r...nevertheless I think it would be fun..

Going on a trip with friends would be fun if only if all members are 'satu kepala'...bru bes dowh!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Its Snowing!!!!

Thinking of the possibilities that tokyo is not going to have winter-day due to the heat island effect is scaring we out..

Last 2 weeks, on Saturday ,in February, it was like Summer day (during Winter!!!) ..seriously, on that particular day i was wearing my thin yellow-blue hoodie and i was sweating inside it, other Japaneses were seen wearing just a piece of T..

Imagine, it was winter man, but yet it was warm..... its obvious rite, this must have smtg to do with global warming and those negative environmental effect and phenomenons.. I was worried that mother earth's condition is getting worst from day to day.( to be frank, i m very sensitive when it come to environmental affairs especiallyrecycle...staying in Japan must have constribute to this).

Nevertheless, today, its snowing!!!! White flackes from the heaven gliding down to the earth before it melt on the ground. My friend, Kristi, was messaging me while i was doing my morning praying,

'OMG, It's snowing now!!! did u c snow falling? This is rare!'

It is rare all right,when it comes to Tokyo. Pollution and tall concrete buldings that bring to hot island effetc has take its toll on Tokyo's winter weather.

Last month, there was a news predicted that, this year Tokyo won't have 'winter' day . Winter day is the day where the temperature of the day is below zero C.

A month earlier,for a month, the days were too warm for winter. So this year i was telling my juniors that they might not have the chance to feel snow..huhu..sad news for mr too..coz i think that snow is fasinating...

But these few had been gloomy, ita has been a few days for the sun to shine upon Tokyo. So this is the sign of winter day..

When i were small, snow was one of the things that i yearn of holding and playing with...I would asked my parents to bring me to places with snow...huhu... snow is related to Christmas too..i love christmas, although i dont celebrate them.. the festival is colourful and cheeful with Xmas deco and music fill the air..the best part is the receiving present part..hehe

Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Note..of My Passiveness

Frankly speaking, i was kinda buzy these fews days..i need to pay the school tuition fee,which later i found out that i m shirt of document, i need to send later to a friend of mine, entra class with the juniors, finish up the homework from the university(MEIJI) and small stuff.....however, i m still in the laze around-doing-nothing mode!!!

I m lazy to blog anymore.... amid that i have had the enthusiasm at 1st to write and write all those stuff happen in life daily if its possible..but these few days, i was like 'em i think i will write tomorrow then'..Yes the procrastination is the right word to explain this....

These few days since my last post..there was lots of interesting event happened, especially those filled with mixture of spiritually and mentally aspect of life atarting with my failure in one of the uni i applied, the korea-taiwan love disaster(HOT STORY)etc.... ...but due to my procrastination i decided to write it later. Not that i m darn buzy or i m so into anything but just that i m kinda lazy and like to do stuff later..

However I will never stop blogging if its possible...i want to break my way out from virgin blogger's cocoon into a beautiful good blogger..

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Result of The Last Battle

Days of lazing around, and lazy to practise harder despite the final battle had really took its toll.. The final war that Samurai Siri P underwent, the war with in the Tokyo Uni of Science had over and result had shown itself... He was feeling good and confident of the great performance straight after the interview... but he was feeling unsecure simply because it was easier than he had expected....

As the dayfor the result had merged but Samurai Siri P who was buzy engaging another affair caused hime to totally forget about it. Thanks to the Samurai Tan Senpai, he realized that the result i was going to announce the day before yesterday. However the letter of the resulot itself had yet to arrived not until yesterday.

Yesterday, the day before Valentine and the day that was said the darkest day of the month ,Samurai Siri P has receive the letter in his hands.... to be frank, he was neither anxious nor scared at the possibilities that he might lose.. from the open lobby , He rushed to the nearest men's rest room, just to add some excitement and to get the privacy to open the letter. He open the enveloped and pulled out the piece of papper which is written in Japanese.

He read the 1st line.........then........ 不合格となりました...

'Hah!', he said to himeself,' I knew it all a long'... duh like i care, he said to himself....but somewhere in him is, but just a small portion of his feeling, that show that he is upset....

So I think u guys can guess rite

Monday, 9 February 2009

Feeling Hungry and Devestated....

‘BANG!!!!’ I push the canteen door with all my might showing the resentment and the sign of unsatisfying to the ‘ friends’ who had been betraying my very expectation. Shit! I curst under my breath while gasping for air. I was rushing home from the temple (around 9pm) at the high speed cycling all the way, just to have something to fill up my crying empty stomach.

2 hours earlier, at the temple,I received a msg from a ‘friend’ which I thought (and to my joy) my savior to my hunger.. and I was expecting to return home to get a good nice meal.. I was waiting impatiently, hoping that the prayers will end as soon as possible.( to eat-I m damn hungry). An hour later, its 9.30pm and the prayer havent finish, but I was damn hungry, so I decided to step out, rushing down to my bike and start speeding home.

Yeye, i sing to myself..with this speed i will reach home in no time and able to fill up with the food my ‘friends’ cooked and my expectation for it was high…my legs was tired but yet I don’t give up and maintained the speed on my Cherry( my red bike).

I reached ABK( my Japanese language school hostel), parked my bike, rush to my room and start messaging asking my ‘friend’ whether there are still food left. ( I m damn hungry and I m expecting something nice left for me). I rush to the canteen knowing that they might eat there with my senior and junior.

When I reached the canteen which is in the underground,I pushed the iron door, and at the same moment I received the message, ‘Sorry, the food are finished’. I saw my ‘friends’, senior and junior sitting happly, satisfied. I was fixing my eyes on the empty wok, and plates at the same time. Speechless, I rush out, pushing the door and rush to my room.

Feeling devastated, I reminded myself, that it’s a obstacle, but yet i cant believed it, i was damn2 MAD!!!. Just a note- if I become hungry, I can really turn from a mouse into a real lion, I grow mad, I become angry, I just want to fulfill my need of filling my empty stomach. Just that!!! Another note- I share making dinner with my ‘friends’ where we take turns to cook.

I was damn upset , I was upset simply because I was expecting that these people might being concern and considerate about what i feel and about my need for once, by keeping some for me. I told these people that I will return and eat. Is that difficult? I told them already!!! The statement- Food not enough’ cant be the reason for not keeping food for me, because like I said, I told them already that I m coming home for dinner. Ok fine, its my fault for returning home late, but yet, I told them that I will be back for DINNER!!!!

This action is not once, their act of being self-centered… I undergo this a few times. 2 years being together in the oversea, and yet, they don’t give a damn about how I feel , and they are still being ignorant at time. It’s hard to explain to them what I feel knowing that they won’t care. But how can I live another 4 years with them? You can say that i m sensitif but if u r in my shoes, being a student in other country with the fact that u will have to stick with the same group of people fo the next few years..u will knwo what i feel.....

Nevertheless, One day I will tell them what I felt straight to their face!!!

PS; a part I pick and rewrite from one of the novel I read, about the obstacles of living in the oversea…so guys, if u are in this situation, what will u do? Will feel and act as in the story?

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Samurai Siri P's Next War

Tomorrow is the day. The day of the next and last war in the chronology of Pursuing a place in the University ( sound like the chronology of Narnia right?). Samurai Siri P is waiting anxiously thinking about the possibilities of the unwanted defeat that might be looming near. Thinking about the fact that Samurai Siri P had not being serious and being playing a fool in his training since the 3rd victory against the War of the Meiji, the possibility is high.

to improve himself in many this war has been made but not being executed. Everyday drama and chatting had blinded this main goal and his main intentions of success. Lack of preparations and confident caused by his anxiousness is haunting him and dampen his enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, Samurai
Siri P will not lose any hope. He will not allow any chance of losing and will fight to gain his victory of a place in the kingdom of Tokyo U of Science. `Soaring in the sky reaching for the stars' is his motto in life. Clutching hard on this, he will fight his way through Just hope victory will be his.. Gambare!!

ps*i m like in a no-idea state that is why this is a bit childish r..huhu