Monday, 3 August 2009

Going Back Again!!!

Last 4 month, i was home in Malaysia and the history shall repeat itself in 2 days time.... I m going back to Malaysia again!!!! Despite being reprimended for returning home at a worrying frequency...huhu..anyway.... since i m a mummy-boy (i won't deny this fact and i m not ashame of it) and i m the kind of person who is family oriented, i love to be home, to be in the cicle of family comfort...

Dont worry i wont criticize those who could not bother about their family, dont mind not to return for a long period, etc..dont worry i cool of that kind of people u see....sometimes, it good to be so... i mean, u wont be to attached to your family, so u would live freely..but to bad(not really) i m not that kind..... i love my family so much that if its possible, i would like to be single and to take care of my family(hopefuly i wont change my mind)..

Anyway, 35 hours to go before i will touch down onto KLIA.... argh cant wait for this moment again, the momment i had for few times since i m here in Japan..the joy tobe able to return to our beloved country!!

Owh gosh! I havent pack my stuff..hhuhu...what should i do? i dont even know where to start....should i start with the clothes??? the gifts??? the bag??? my stuff is everywhere,on the bed is spread with clothes ,study table is flooded with small items, gifst and my books , electronic items dotted my computer desk....

....arg.... i wish mum and daddy were here to order me around..haha im so parents-dependent(does this kind of word ever exist??) ....but even this momment is fun as well ! The moment where you are puzzled lost and confuse, lost in sea of things-need-to-be-done, with the mixture of excitement and anticipation.(what crap!)

Arg i dont really know what to write...i m not into blogging anymore..but the guilt of not to post is humming in my kinda show that i m attached to this responsibility to blog althoughi dont really have the spirit to drive me to write like i used to...seriously..what to write??? hhuhuhu... ah! i m having writters block! i better start packing....chow for now!