Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rocking Malaysia!!! (Part 1)

It has been 3 weeks since i came back to my beloved 'Tanah Air' (country) Malaysia. Life has been hectic since i laid my feet on the KLIA(Kuala Lumpur International Airport) platform.

Duh.... i had been travelling up and down toTaiping(my current place of living), Kedah( my parents hometown) and Kuala Lumpur @KL( my place of enjoyment and place to meet my ex school mates).Not forgetting, after a few days in Malaysia, I went on a trip with my parents to Medan. So that makes me going to KLIA again and in a week, i had be on the plane for 5 times!!!!
The first is my flight from Narita, Tokyo to KLIA , the 2nd was Penang-KLIA, 3rd, KLIA- Medan, 4th Medan- KLIA, 5th KLIA- Penang... so can i consider KLIA my 3rd home???

THE trip to Medan, Indonesia was fun. The story about it will be told on the next posting...After the trip, i was in KL again.I joined my seniors,5 of them to visit Petronas Education Dept to meet the new officers who are incharge for the Japan scholars' welfare, MR Zamzam and Mr Zafril.Then we went to visit our ex- Senseis( Kamaliah, Habibah, Zaiton Sensei) in INTEC. We had late Lunch together where our beloved sensei treated us.

THERE, I met my cousin, Nushana, who is doing pharmacy. She is an active brilliant student there doing great in all aspect of studies. High in charisma and is darn good in sport, she is a chase of boys there.

MET my old buddy, Karthik and her new GF. Cute seyh!!! congrate to the new couple..haha..then i met SAktival by accident.HE was my ex classmate since i was in form 1 till form 3 (13-15 years old) in Taiping,Perak(the place i stayed). Again, this timid and quite Saktival was with his GF too. ( am i m the only one among my friends who is still single??) later I found out that Sakthival is Karthik's roomate!!! what a small world..

Then next day i need to rush back to Taipingthen to Kedah, since my grandma is unwell. Actually she is the reason why i decided to come back to Malaysia. I just wish and pray hard that she will regain good health and be well and happy. So friends, i hope u guys will pray for her health too k!!

Then, i stayed home for a couple of days untill i returned back to Kampung(village) in Kedah to visite granny. Then i returned back to Taiping bringing granny along to be admitted to Taiping's hospital since dad knew some good doctor here. Since that the doctor said that they unable to proceed with the operation coz granny is weak( she do not habe the apetite, therefore she dont have energy and loses lots of weight).

SO dad sent her home. However she will have to return to Taiping's hospital frequently to do some medical checkup...I was relieve that she still have the energy to laugh and talk happily. The happiest momment with her was when my dad(my clumsy dad) would retell all his clumsiness and all his funny stories when we hang around with granny. Then granny would laugh, and when she smile, it is the happies momment ever...

ok i think this is quit long as some might not read end of part 1..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Takoyaki and Sashimi Don with Tiger...

After tiring packing up my stuff and tiring of being in hunger, Tora(tiger) who had been he,lping me since afternoon without i requesting him to do so. Earlier in 'Is J2 weird' posting, i had explain a bit about Tora. Nway today he just pop oit in front of my room while i was packing up.. So after finishing half of it, we went to Ueno. Riding bike.

!st of all we ate takoyaki (grilled octopus ball). Bought 8 balls though, we shared...(below is just a pic).
Then we went to the Japanese confecionary, sweet and candy shop... I m not a big fan of those crackers candy or snacks, but i was amaze with the stuff sold tehre..Lots of types of snacks were sold at different prices. some are resonable and some are silly unacceptable expensive..huhu...bought some for sisters .. home they enjoy them..

then, we went to the sashimi 'don' shop...i ordered salmon and oilled some fish which i m not sure what it is called...but is was nice...Tora ordered some special set 'don'

Special Seafood Don..

Salmon and Oilled Fish( x sure what it is called)

Me and my friend Tora.....The worst part was returning home by bike during winter.. the strong and cold wind was killing me softly..its damn painful especially my hand were excruciating. This is the one think i hate about winter. I dont really know why but my hand will be painful when its cold. Its like my my nails are tearing from the flesh....huhu..

Home....Room 702...

Cant wait! cant wait! i scream inside..i m excited to return to my homeland Malaysia. Despite i m from the Thai descent, i m proud to call myself a malaysian and i m pround to have malaysia my home.

I can't wait for Malaysia's atmosphere, weather,food, shopping....i cant wait to meet my family too!

Owh!! i will be able to feel all of them in another 20 nice...but now i m kinda tired and hungry while writting this. Feleling tired coz I have not been sleeping since yesterday but , only 2 hours morning-afternoon nap. I had been packing my belongings, need put them in the store room. Darn tired, thinking what stuff need to place in this box that box, tie up the boxes and making sure everything is in the right place. Expected only 3 big boxes at 1st but it ended up needing 5 big boxes and 6 small begs and boxes.

(after 15 minutes, went to Zul room eating 'Kari Kambeng' (mutton curry)) -

WA.....!My tummy has bloated with curry..haha..courtesy of Zul(my kohai).

So another 10 hours before my MAS flight to KLIA. Cant wait!

Now in my room, 702, just that now the room is bare naked. Posters and notes which had been decorating the wall had being strip off. All stuff had been taken out... ''wow, i cant remember this room is big..''.

Compare before when all the were filled and cramed into this ABK’s 6jou (5x5m) size room., the room looks small, yet its comfortable.

After packing up...

huhu... after a dwelling in here in,i m sure i m going to miz this room ....its coziness and the privacy during my stay will be an attachment to me. I hope my new residence will give me the same feeling as this small 702 room did....huhu...and way I cant wait to go back home, Malaysia..