Wednesday, 31 March 2010

2010....Happy New Year!

Happy New year u oulz!!! MOtif???? isnt it too late to wish that??? in this case it not really ,since it my 1st post in the year 2010 rite,so it ACCEPTABLE (kowt?)

I m gonna b 21 this year. Each and every part of my body has been living n developing for the past 21 years already!!!!.huhu...if u think deeply,i mean deelpy n stop taking things for granted, into this statement, u will realized (in my part-i do) that for this pass years, my lungs, liver, heart, kidney,brain etc..has been living n working for 21 years...wa..have i do any effort to work hard in 21years straight?? never (bt its not the matter here)

Besides, do u realized How fast time passed.... Actually,i could still remember how i celebrated my 2008 new year, my trip back to Malaysia during Spring 2009 n my lovely trip with my gfs to Korea in August..these memories is still so vivid like i had it last month!!

Now its April....4 months into year on the 2nd thought, its kinda late to wish Happy New Year though...hihi ;p

so the point of the story??
crapping NON! haha ;p