Friday, 21 January 2011


I m having exam week next week..for next week alone i m having like 5 papers..n most of them r the mechanic related Mechanical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics Manufacturing, Material Mechanics n last but not least Programming..(the one i despise most coz i hardly get it rite!) huhuhu..then on 1st Feb, i m having 2 papers which are Basic Math and Differentiation which i supposed to pass it last year but only God knows what happened...haish!

However, seriously, despite all this difficult papers looming near, i m not at all worried,nervous, or agitated like i m used to be. What the heck!

is it because i m prepared to face the exams? or is it because i m too worried to an extend where my mind has succumb itself without a fight? haish orrrrr Is it because i m too excited with my Europe trip which causes me to lose my focus??? owh my..


Phong!!!! focus man!

m doing well this coming exam....

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Finish Presentation! yeah...huhu

Hai to whoever read this..

I have just finished my experiment lab presentation today..
haish.. i was never good in talking in front of people(s), especially a group of people or worst in front of the WHOLE that is not the case.

Today it was in front of my lab mates n the SENSEI..scary..nervous and i kinda screw it up!
this are my mistakes;

1st- I read the script i had prepared entirely which i shouldn't have.

2nd- No eye contact with my peers

3rd-I was crapping in JAPANESE!!!!

4th-And....... i didnt explain the last n most important part which is the conclusion part! I SKIP THAT! (i was to concern about the time limit n i just snap when time is up)

Apenak buat susu dah bertaburan..(dont cry over spilled milk say the old people)... hehe

As soon as i finish presenting i felt lighter....freeeeeeeee frm all the fear n worries.i just felt like this burden had been lift from both my muscular shouders(prasan ja)...

but NOTE that EXAMs r yet to start!( TT)'

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

WOW after like a Year1; 2011!

Happy new year uolzzzzz!! it's year 2011 already. How time flew like British Airways Concord jet...dont make sense bt who cares..haha

wah it has been quite some time since my last post! I barely remember when i last wrote. one thing for sure, i hve wanted to post about my experience about going to LADY GAGA's MOnster Ball Tour heheh.. due to my procrastinating habits... blar2....

Now supposely i need to finish up my presentation for tomorrow! omg i need to present about this lab experiment on Control System which seriously i have no idea what that is all about! now feelling about down rather than time like this, all those sweet memories kept on coming and made me missing every those sweet moments leaving me feeling homesick lar..ape lar...macm2 lar...haish....

B strong lar weh...kate anak jantan! hahah
ok r nak smbung keje jap...