Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Finish Presentation! yeah...huhu

Hai to whoever read this..

I have just finished my experiment lab presentation today..
haish.. i was never good in talking in front of people(s), especially a group of people or worst in front of the WHOLE that is not the case.

Today it was in front of my lab mates n the SENSEI..scary..nervous and i kinda screw it up!
this are my mistakes;

1st- I read the script i had prepared entirely which i shouldn't have.

2nd- No eye contact with my peers

3rd-I was crapping in JAPANESE!!!!

4th-And....... i didnt explain the last n most important part which is the conclusion part! I SKIP THAT! (i was to concern about the time limit n i just snap when time is up)

Apenak buat susu dah bertaburan..(dont cry over spilled milk say the old people)... hehe

As soon as i finish presenting i felt lighter....freeeeeeeee frm all the fear n worries.i just felt like this burden had been lift from both my muscular shouders(prasan ja)...

but NOTE that EXAMs r yet to start!( TT)'

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