Friday, 21 January 2011


I m having exam week next week..for next week alone i m having like 5 papers..n most of them r the mechanic related Mechanical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics Manufacturing, Material Mechanics n last but not least Programming..(the one i despise most coz i hardly get it rite!) huhuhu..then on 1st Feb, i m having 2 papers which are Basic Math and Differentiation which i supposed to pass it last year but only God knows what happened...haish!

However, seriously, despite all this difficult papers looming near, i m not at all worried,nervous, or agitated like i m used to be. What the heck!

is it because i m prepared to face the exams? or is it because i m too worried to an extend where my mind has succumb itself without a fight? haish orrrrr Is it because i m too excited with my Europe trip which causes me to lose my focus??? owh my..


Phong!!!! focus man!

m doing well this coming exam....

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