Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lady Gaga The mOnsTer Ball tOur

Just dance, gonna be okay

Da da doo doot-n

Just dance, spin that record babe

Da da doo doot-n

Just dance, gonna be okay

D-D-D-Dance, dance, dance, just

J-J-Just dance…..

Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna think anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Stop callin, stop callin,
I don't wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor……

I m sure some of you are familiar with this lines…its LADY GAGA’s famous Just Dance and Telephone lyric….. n she is in TOKYO!!!!

Lady Gaga spotted in NARITA airport Tokyo on Tuesday...on her beg Hermes Birkin beg (around USD5000) is a message for her fans, that said 'I love small Monster, Tokyo love' in Japanese alphabet Katagana.

Guess what?!!

Me n my friends are going to Lady Gaga the Monster Ball Tour concert on this coming Saturday!!! (although the ticket really burn not one but holes in my jeans)

For what it is worth, this will gonna b my 1st time attending a concert, a real big huge concert by an international ARTIST…btw we r talking about GAGA…a very talented lady..gaga…..m I m her big fan…not too obsess but yet I love her disco pop songs..they really know how to make me move my BODY!

I just cant wait! Like now the only thing in my mind is LADY GAGA songs n all about her upcoming concert…in my mind, are mostly about the outfit I m going to put on…(seriously I m so in trouble for neglecting my studies..…Lucky I hv just start my new semester; x to worry ) BTW,this kinda worried my sister n some of my closes friends… The comments are all over my post.. They r aware of my academic situation are r concern of me. …note for u all -I appreciate ur concern, don’t worry, this will end by this Saturday nite…

I just wanna dress into something loud,outlandish, flamboyant fit for her concert like those of House of Lady Gaga….but of course its must b a male version one ..i don’t want to dress up like a drag queen..(oh no!!!)….to bad i m running out of time n source as the concert will be in 2 days time,frustrating!!! Should have prepared earlier..…

Actually love designing costume. During my juniorhigh school, I did design the props for my drama team as well..and I feel that the work of creativity is so much FUN!! Even.I have had a dream of celebrating Haloween but at home, we don’t really hve the chance to do so...

Maybe I m gonna to get smtg simple yet weird, out of the MAN world weird..

YOU B THE JUDGE ..haha..

LOOKS like i m gonna dress for an early Halloween…I guess… wish me luck!

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