Friday, 2 April 2010

Disappear....missing u oulz!

'I try to reach for you,

I can almost feel you, your nearly here

And then

You disappear

Disappear, disappear, disappear
You disappear

Disappear, disappear, disappear'

one of my fav lines...

somehow this song kept on playing in my mind...
It kept on trigger my subconscious mind to remind me
of someone
i used to love thinking of...
plus the lyric kinda fit my situation right now...

Anyway,I come to love that song n some other songs from
HOney B's latest album 'I m sasha fierce'
since i got to know this bunch of friends of a bff of mine..know what??
During the whole time lepaking at their appartment,
they played B's songs at full blast over n over non stop...
the above..

These new friends of mine r cool ~~kowt??~~~
...spontaneous...n lively!
Their personality r flamboyant n natural ~hypocrite at times~~.
Plus they dont mind what others think bout them.
(They can be very noisy,i mean BIG time noisy!!)

They enjoy curses n being cursing n
making fun of each other in an acceptable manner....
they r hilarious like a good comedian,
always sending me laughing for hours..
I do really enjoyed hangout with this
bunch of people n dearly missing them
very much...


That is the moment when i m myself(myb)....
i need not pretend to be an invidual i know little of..
a person who to the eyse of others a normal lame person...
n poyo as well..hahah..also..
i enjoy laughing alot!

Even the shortest words they uttered would tickle me sending me
laughing through out the night...
even the thought of their saying or statement
would send me giggle non stop...

My fav was their joke using the L alphabet..
coz it spell out a lot of funny mostly in BM..
n they would tease one another using it!

So thank A,B,I,C,N,T,Z for making my Spring Holidays
the best ever n despite we just knowing each other,
u guys accept me as one of u guys..
THANKS .. hope we would meet again one day..
most probably this Summer..hehe


ps;even if T says no,I will pecah msuk umah uolz gak!

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